Mustard sauce for ham

Mustard Spread-Perfect for Condiment for Ham

Easter is almost upon us. And Easter dinner means Easter Ham. Many years ago I was introduced to this mustard spread. It is the perfect condiment for ham.  (I think it would be pretty dang good with roast beef also.) It hearkens back to the days of jello craze. You know when … [Read More...]

ricotta sausage calzone

Ricotta Sausage Calzone

When I was in college, my husband and I loved to eat at a college pizza spot called The Pie.  They had a version of a calzone, they called a zappi.  There, we discovered my all time favorite combo for a calzone; a ricotta sausage calzone. We tried it on a whim and it became the … [Read More...]

chocolate cream pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Of course you know what holiday is next, right? Not St. Patty's, but Pie Day. 3.14 For Pie Day 2017, I want to share on my favorite pies, but a pie that has been elusive for me. I've attempted many a chocolate cream pie. Until this recipe, they were all disasters or semi disasters. A … [Read More...]

honey mango shrimp taco

Honey Mango Shrimp Tacos

If you've ever eaten at a "fresh-mex" restaurant, then you may have seen their versions of these little bundles of love. Although they go by different names, honey mango shrimp tacos are one of my favorites. Of course, they have to cost more than a simple burrito or salad. But, guess what? You … [Read More...]

Cookie Con SLC Map

The Local Low Down For Cookie Con 2017

Can you believe Cookie Con is almost here?!? As a local Salt Lake Cookier, I wanted to share some info that might make your life better! TRANSPORTATION You have a few options in getting yourself from the SLC airport to the Hilton Hotel. What you choose depends on how cray-cray you went on … [Read More...]

Help with Color Palettes Using a Free App!

Help with Color Palettes Using a Free App!

This weekend, I made a discovery that is changing my cookie decorating life!  I think there are two things that set apart okay cookie decorators from great cookie artists. And I struggle with both. Hooray! One is icing consistency and the second is color. We're talking about color … [Read More...]

almond pound cake

Almond Pound Cake

You guys... This cake.   I've made four of them in the last four weeks. It is so good.   It all started when I wanted to make a trifle. I needed a pound cake recipe, so I did a quick search and found a recipe. When it came out of the oven, I wanted to skip the trifle and just eat … [Read More...]

Lettuce Wedge Bites

Lettuce Wedge Bites

One more week until the Super Bowl. You still have a little time to plan your menu. One of my favorite salads is the lettuce wedge.  It's simple and really tasty. If you want something that contains a little fiber for your feast, then consider making Lettuce Wedge Bites.  All the … [Read More...]

bite-sized bloomin' onions

Bite Sized Bloomin’ Onions

The SuperBowl is right around the corner.  And while I am not actually that interested in the game, I am interested in the food.   I remember when Outback Steakhouse first entered my field of vision. Their claim to fame was the bloomin' onion. I love onion rings, and the bloomin' … [Read More...]

gingered spaghetti squash

Gingered Spaghetti Squash

Remember a couple years ago when people were trying to convince everyone that spaghetti squash was a good substitute for actual spaghetti? I never was convinced. My brother and sister-in-law harvested a huge garden this year year. And they, … [Read More...]

santa hat

SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone

Yesterday our little Eve excitedly shared something she learned from her school teacher Deborah Clark, who learned it from an awesome Cub Scout Master Crystal Lowder. SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone. When I heard it, I immediatly knew it was … [Read More...]

christmas cookies

Chalkboard Christmas Cookies

Every  year I make a set of Christmas cookies. These are my Christmas cookies for 2016.  In the past, I have made a variety of cookies. Lots of colors, lots of variety.  This year I wanted to be more simple. And I wanted to … [Read More...]

thanksgiving leftover sandwich

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

Everybody knows that it is a requirement  to eat a leftover sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. Usually it consists of a roll with turkey, maybe cranberry sauce and if you're really adventurous, other leftovers. Last year, I had an insanely … [Read More...]