pumpkin pasties

Pumpkin Pasties- Harry Potter Style

  In my last post I told you all about my daughter's Birthday Trip to Diagon Alley.  One of the treats we served at her surprise party were pumpkin pasties. There were really fun and turned out SO CUTE! Here is the recipe I used to make these fun treat. I saw many … [Read More...]

birthday trip to diagon alley

Birthday Trip to Diagon Alley

It's been a while since I've been around. Sorry! Summer was craaazy. This week it was my daughter's birthday. Her 11th birthday. And she is a Harry Potter fanatic. F-A-N-A-T-I-C! She has been since she was about 9. So her 11th birthday is a VERY. SPECIAL. BIRTHDAY. (In case you don't know, that's … [Read More...]

using your grill like an oven

Using your grill like an oven in the summer

Who likes to turn on their oven in the summer? Anybody? Anyone? Bueller?  Nobody does! It is so hard to push that preheat button knowing that you and your house will soon be suffering. But sometimes you don't want to eat just salads and sandwiches in the summer. Last Sunday, I made roast … [Read More...]

flourless chocolate chip cookie

Flourless Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are amazing. Amazing. Different. Amazing. I was perusing the internet trying to find the recipe for Starbucks scones when I came upon a recipe for these Starbucks style flourless chocolate chip cookies. I've never had them from Starbucks, but I was intrigued. Then yesterday, I had … [Read More...]

halving tip

Tip for Halving Foods Quickly

This is really not a new tip. But, just to be on the safe side I wanted to share it. In case you've been in a cave or something.   If you've got a recipe that calls for grapes or cherry tomatoes to be halved, you need this tip. Sure you can do each one individually, but I've got better … [Read More...]

Brown Butter Cakes

Brown Butter Cakes

Brown butter cakes are one of my favorite desserts ever! They are not like other cake. I found this recipe in a magazine a very long time ago. I don't know why I was so drawn to it, but I went home and made it that day. The little cakes were amazing!  Browning the butter gives it a nutty … [Read More...]

rosemary penne

Rosemary Bacon Penne Pasta

Here is a great weeknight recipe that tastes fancy enough to be a weekend recipe. Rosemary bacon penne pasta. Fragrant rosemary and savory, salty bacon make this pasta a grand slam. This recipe can be done in around 30 minutes, with little forethought, which is my kind of recipe! This recipe … [Read More...]

Teachers are Super Heroes cookies

Teachers Are Super Hero Cookies

It's just about time for Teacher Appreciation Week. And if you can read this, then you should be thanking a teacher. Teacher Appreciation Week is usually the first full week of May.  It's a time we get to say "thank you" for putting up with my child who comes to school with bright orange gym … [Read More...]

Lemon oat bars

Lemon Oat Bars

I love a good lemon dessert.  Who doesn't? And I love lemon bars. Who doesn't? These lemon oat bars are like a lemon bar crossed with an oatmeal cookie. A  twist on the lemon bar with some texture. You use oatmeal to make the crust instead of a classic shortbread type crust. Then you … [Read More...]

Mustard sauce for ham

Mustard Spread-Perfect for Condiment for Ham

Easter is almost upon us. And Easter dinner means Easter Ham. Many years ago I was introduced to this mustard spread. It is the perfect condiment for ham.  (I think it would be pretty dang good with roast beef also.) It hearkens back to … [Read More...]

ricotta sausage calzone

Ricotta Sausage Calzone

When I was in college, my husband and I loved to eat at a college pizza spot called The Pie.  They had a version of a calzone, they called a zappi.  There, we discovered my all time favorite combo for a calzone; a ricotta sausage calzone. … [Read More...]

chocolate cream pie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Of course you know what holiday is next, right? Not St. Patty's, but Pie Day. 3.14 For Pie Day 2017, I want to share on my favorite pies, but a pie that has been elusive for me. I've attempted many a chocolate cream pie. Until this recipe, … [Read More...]

honey mango shrimp taco

Honey Mango Shrimp Tacos

If you've ever eaten at a "fresh-mex" restaurant, then you may have seen their versions of these little bundles of love. Although they go by different names, honey mango shrimp tacos are one of my favorites. Of course, they have to cost more than … [Read More...]

Cookie Con SLC Map

The Local Low Down For Cookie Con 2017

Can you believe Cookie Con is almost here?!? As a local Salt Lake Cookier, I wanted to share some info that might make your life better! TRANSPORTATION You have a few options in getting yourself from the SLC airport to the Hilton Hotel. … [Read More...]