He Walks Alongside Me, Carrying My Burdens

Last Sunday was a difficult day for my ten-year old daughter. Daylight savings fell on her morning to deliver the paper. Normally she would have little trouble adjusting to the time change, but she had participated in a dance competition over the weekend and was physically exhausted. I was proud of … [Read More...]

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The Bumpy Road to Mother of the Year

You may have heard that I was recently named the Idaho Young Mother of the Year. It was an honor and an experience that I will cherish always. However, I want to make one thing clear... The honor didn't come as a result of flawless parenting. Sometimes as moms we look around and think … [Read More...]

tangy turkey and swiss

Tangy Turkey and Swiss Panini

Sometimes you just need a good sandwich. The end. But you don't want anything too complicated. The key to this sandwich is making a little flavorful schmear. It makes all the difference between eating a plain turkey and swiss and eating a tangy turkey and swiss. A couple of words of … [Read More...]

roasted cilantro lime cauliflower

Roasted Cilantro Lime Cauliflower

Cauliflower might be my favorite vegetable in the whole wide world. I just love it.  I really do. This roasted cilantro lime cauliflower recipes transports cauliflower from something pretty yummy to something you can't stop eating.  And it's way better to eat cauliflower than potato chips. Plus, … [Read More...]

miso glazed salmon

Miso Glazed Salmon

Miso glazed salmon is one of my staple "I don't know what to make and I don't have any time" meals. It is easy, quick and oh so tasty. Seriously, it just doesn't seem right that you can make something so good, so quickly. I always have salmon in the freezer. After it is thawed this takes 20 … [Read More...]


Red Hot Sugar Cookie Roll Outs

It's almost Valentine's Day.  A day for love, a day for flowers, a day for chocolates. A DAY FOR COOKIES.  Sometimes I get sick of the same old thing over and over and I want something new in the cookie department. I love those little cinnamon hearts candies.  They have them year round, but are … [Read More...]

tips for shaping pizza dough

Tips for Shaping Pizza Dough

Over the Christmas break my daughter took a pizza cooking class. I watched the kids in her class trying to shape their pizza dough. It was a little comical. Try as they might, their dough remained thick. They pulled, they rolled, they stretched, but it didn't matter. All their pizzas came out of the … [Read More...]

Moroccan Chicken with Couscous

Moroccan Chicken and Couscous

I love it when I try a new recipe and it's a  home run! That happened this week. It was delicious, healthy, easy and a completely new flavor/idea. That's not just a home run, that's a GRAND SLAM! I feel like we get stuck in a flavor rut sometimes. We stick to familiar flavors. Italian food, yes. … [Read More...]

yorkshire beef

Yorkshire Beef

This recipe is an old family favorite. We would eat it on Sunday dinner, especially when I got to choose what we were having. I have no idea what is meant by Yorkshire Beef. I just know that is what we called it.  Basically it is a delicious beef with onion/mushroom gravy that is served over … [Read More...]


A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution

Usually at this time of year I am knee deep in New Year's resolutions. Get organized. Lose weight. Save money. Learn something new. But this year I just feel differently. You see, over the holidays I had a little ah-ha moment. I was having a … [Read More...]

Fancy ramen noodles

Pork Char Siu Men- AKA Fancy Ramen Noodles

A while ago, Shawna told me that she was super busy one day and so made ramen noodles for dinner. You know, the kind that cost .10 on sale and are the staple of college kids everywhere? To her dismay, her children cheered. Cheered for dinner. When … [Read More...]

christmas cookies

Christmas Sugar Cookies 2015

I wanted to share my Christmas Sugar Cookies for 2015. I probably should have shared this BEFORE Christmas, but it just didn't happen. I always like making Christmas cookies. There are so many (maybe too many) possibilities. My pile of Christmas … [Read More...]


Pizelles- A Cookie Countdown to Christmas

Ever heard of a pizelle? Bonus points to the woman with the grey hair and kitten sweater in the back. They are kinda like a flattened waffle cone. And perhaps the most beautiful cookie of all time. I love pizelles. They hold a special place in my … [Read More...]