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Kaitlyn James Dinner

Kaitlyn James – Founder

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn James, and I am a stay at home Mom, and a food blogger. I have always had a passion for good food, and make it my business to try pretty much any ingredients I can get my hands on.

When I gave birth to my first kid, my whole world flipped upside down, and I had to adapt in order to ensure that I could raise my child in the best way possible. I could no longer skip dinner, or just cook easy meals. I wanted to make homemade, delicious, healthy dishes that the whole family could enjoy.

I started to venture out and try various dishes I’d avoided before, and I’ve no idea why I never tried anything new in the past! There are so many foods out there just waiting to be tasted, and you’re truly missing out if you are afraid to try something new.

This is what inspired me to create I wanted to create a space that offers information about what different foods are, what they taste like, and guides of the best places for pizza, BBQ, breakfast, you name it – wherever you are in the country! 

Jessie White – Writer

Hey y’all! I’m Jessie. I am a writer here at Before I became a mom, I was a writer for a local advertising company and I loved nothing more than researching all of the best products to try and reviewing the greatest restaurants in the area for my readers. Now I get to do that here!

I met Kaitlyn at our local Mommy & Toddler class last year, and when she told me about her awesome side-hustle here, I had to be a part of it. After having my son, I felt so isolated and I missed doing what I love- which is writing.

Working on EatThinkBeMerry has been a blessing, and a way for me to spread some joy while I raise my son!

At our site, I am responsible for trying out the best food spots, offering handy advice on which dishes to try, and locating the most sought after recipes and restaurants in your area. I love traveling, and writing about my experiences is one of the things I love about this job.

I hope you will get to find your own inspiration for your next meals and have as much fun as we do looking out for you! 


Jessie White


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