honey glazed bananas

“Fried” Honey Glazed Bananas

Posted on Apr 17th, 2015

Is it just me or do you ever just need something sweet? Like after every meal? I have a huge sweet tooth. It's like a big buck tooth right in the…

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Caramel Apple Tips

10 Tips For Perfect Caramel Apples

Posted on Oct 10th, 2014

Caramel apples are one of the yummiest fall treats there can possibly be. But making them sometimes leaves you feeling disappointed. What you end up…

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almond pound cake

Almond Pound Cake

Posted on Feb 6th, 2017

You guys... This cake.   I've made four of them in the last four weeks. It is so good.   It all started when I wanted to make a…

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banana cream pie

Banana Cream Pie- A Pie Worthy of Pi Day 2015

Posted on Mar 13th, 2015

Do you know what day tomorrow is? If you said Saturday you are WRONG! If you said March 14, that is also incorrect. If you said 3.14 aka Pi Day, then…

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Brigadeiros- A Traditional Brazilian Candy

Posted on Aug 8th, 2016

Here we go! More Brazilian recipes this week to celebrate the Rio Olympics. I'm loving them so far, BTW. I've watched water polo and volleyball and…

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Butterscotch Sticky Buns- Birthday Breakfast

Butterscotch Sticky Buns- Birthday Breakfast

Posted on Apr 21st, 2014

Stop the presses and hold the phones!  This post is important! This recipe is, perhaps, the MOST important recipe in my repertoire. Yes this is very…

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Peanut Butter Bar

Cafeteria Peanut Butter Bars

Posted on May 14th, 2014

When I was in grade school, there were few things that rivaled the excitement of french dip sandwich day. No, not because of the french dip sandwich,…

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Caramel Popcorn

Caramel Popcorn

Posted on Jul 5th, 2014

Well, we have had a great 4th of July. So great, that I almost forgot to put up a blog post today. Better late than never. I love the 4th of July…

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chocolate coated popcorn

Chocolate Coated Popcorn

Posted on Dec 15th, 2014

Are you ready for another easy treat? Great for neighbor gifts? Or for eating with your family? Or for eating locked in your bathroom? Here is one…

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chocolate covered peanut butter sandwich

Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich- A Disneyland Copycat Recipe

Posted on Feb 16th, 2015

Last week my sister-in-laws went to Disneyland. I admit, I was jealous. I have a secret dream of going to Disneyland without my kids (is that evil?)…

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chocolate pave

Chocolate Pave – A Brazilian Dessert

Posted on Aug 1st, 2014

  We have a spunky reader who has been asking for me to post a Brazilian dessert recipe forever. In fact, I think she made the request before…

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Lemon Meringue Pie

Countdown to Thanksgiving- Lemon Meringue Pie

Posted on Nov 24th, 2014

I'm a sucker for lemon meringue pie. I love the tangy flavor of lemon in just about anything, pie included. Plus, I really like pies that have a…

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Apple Varieties for Pie

Countdown to Thanksgiving- The Best Apple Varieties for Pie – A Taste Test

Posted on Nov 14th, 2014

  I don't know if I've ever been so excited about a post! The biggest pie holiday of the year is just around the corner. You must have…

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Creme Brulee

Crème Brûlée

Posted on Apr 3rd, 2014

A couple of days ago I was talking to Shawna on the phone. I was explaining that since I had just gone to the dentist I had to stop at a pastry shop.…

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Easy Rocky Road Fudge

Easy Rocky Road Fudge

Posted on Dec 5th, 2014

"It's the holiday season. And doot di doo and dickory dock and don't forget to put up your sock." (Possibly some of my favorite Christmas song…

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No Bake Cookies

Emmy’s No Bake Cookies

Posted on Oct 12th, 2015

I had a co-worker named Emmy a few years ago. Emmy shared my love of baking. She would often bring in containers of cookies, brownies, quick breads…

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Fresh Fruit Tart

Fresh Fruit Tart

Posted on Aug 31st, 2015

I promised a recipe to use pastry cream in and I'm making good on that promise. Perhaps the best part of summer is the fresh fruit. My peach tree…

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fresh strawberry pie

Fresh Strawberry Pie- Pi Day 2016

Posted on Mar 14th, 2016

It's one of my favorite unofficial annual holidays. Pi Day; 3.14. It's a day that somebody figured out had a totally reasonable excuse to make and…

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fruit sushi-007

Frushi- Fruit Sushi

Posted on Apr 25th, 2016

A couple months ago some of my friends posted a "Pinterest Fail" type photo when they tried to make fruit sushi.  They had found a recipe on…

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Grandma Lounsbery's Pie Crust

Grandma Lounsbery’s Extra Flaky Pie Crust

Posted on Mar 19th, 2014

  3.14= Pi. 3/14= Pi Day.  This week we celebrated a lesser know holiday called Pi Day. Pi Day requires celebrating with a pie. Really, we…

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Chocolate Mousse

Heavenly Chocolate Mousse

Posted on Jan 10th, 2014

When I'm feeling in the mood for something sweet (which I am a lot), I run through the list of possibilities: cookies, brownies, ice cream, candy...…

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Fresh Peach Ice Cream

Homemade Peach Ice Cream

Posted on Sep 17th, 2014

Oh My Heavens! Can I repeat that? Oh My Heavens! I love ice cream. I love homemade ice cream. I even love the process of making homemade ice…

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lemon head cookies

Lemon Head Cookies

Posted on May 2nd, 2016

There is a local cookie shop called Ruby Snap. They have an assortment of sinfully decadent cookies. I've tried a few different types of their…

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mousse de maracuja

Mousse de Maracuja – Passionfruit Mousse

Posted on Aug 15th, 2016

We are continuing the celebration Brazil and the Rio Olympics.  I've been going strong watching all the events. However, I gotta say, that I didn't…

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Peach Fluff Pie

Peach Fluff Pie

Posted on Sep 3rd, 2014

  This week my peach tree decided that it would ripen all at once I'm not complaining. I just love fresh peaches. That's why I planted…

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Candied Popcorn Balls

Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree

Posted on Apr 14th, 2014

"I looked out the window and what did I see? Popcorn popping on the apricot trees!" Except at my house it's the blossoms on my peach tree.…

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Rainbow jello easter eggs

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Posted on Mar 30th, 2015

Rainbow jello has a special place in my heart.  My mom would make it for special occasions when I was younger. It was like a unicorn; not seen very…

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spooky eye caramel apple

Spooky Eye Caramel Apples

Posted on Oct 26th, 2015

  It's almost Halloween. Can you believe it??? I've been wrestling with the kids back and forth on costumes (my 5 year-old changes his mind…

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Swig Sugar Cookie

Swig Sugar Cookies

Posted on May 21st, 2014

I know, you probably don't need to see another sugar cookie on this blog. But this sugar cookie is different. There is a soda shop in Southern…

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Tarta De Santiago

Tarta de Santiago- Gluten Free Almond Cake

Posted on Aug 27th, 2014

Last week at work, my co-worker Todd came to work with news that he has just made a delicious cake. My response was, "Why didn't you bring any for me…

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zucchini bread

The Best Zucchini Bread

Posted on Aug 6th, 2014

  My mom's recipe and poem ... I am going to share a few things with you about my mom, Jane Randall.  She is a good woman, a talented…

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Toffee Grahams

Toffee Grahams

Posted on Dec 8th, 2014

Are you ready for another holiday treat? My grandma used to make these little things. I don't know whether to call them cookies or wafers or bars or…

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orange vanilla pastry cream

Vanilla Orange Pastry Cream

Posted on Aug 25th, 2015

Pastry cream was invented by angels. I'm pretty sure that is truth. If you don't know what pastry cream is, then think of filling. The creamy…

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