The Short-Lived Cereal Stockpile


Lessons in Value Part I I love to shop with coupons, partly because I have a big family and partly because I love a good deal.  In August, Smith's had an amazing sale on cereal.  I sorted and clipped dozens of coupons and purchased 72 boxes of cereal, paying approximately $.70 per box.  At the same time, the Idaho State Journal was having a contest to see who could save the most money using coupons at the grocery store.  I submitted my receipt and won the $125 prize. So I paid $50 … [Read more...]

The Garden Mums Mishap


Lessons in Value Part 2 One of the basic philosophical questions of life concerns value-theory.  The question of course being:  What is value?  Value is defined as a property representing the importance or worth of something. Even though I know and understand this definition, I am still a rookie when it comes to applying it to my life. You see, I am a sucker for a good deal.  And by that, I mean that I love to buy things for less money than they usually cost … whether I need them or not. … [Read more...]

Perspective Project – Family Photo Display

Family Photo Display

In my Latin and Greek Word Roots class, I learned that the word perspective comes from the Latin per (through) and specere (to look). I remember the class well because Mike and I took it together the semester we started dating.  In college, I spent all of my time studying. But this semester was different because I was somewhat sidetracked and as a result I earned a B on the first test.  To make matters worse, Mike earned an A.  He never cracked the book, but he spoke fluent Italian, and had … [Read more...]