SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone

santa hat

Yesterday our little Eve excitedly shared something she learned from her school teacher Deborah Clark, who learned it from an awesome Cub Scout Master Crystal Lowder. SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone. When I heard it, I immediatly knew it was something special, something true. There is magic in the name of Santa. That magic comes largely from the fact that he is never seen on Christmas Eve, never caught in the act. He comes in the quiet of the night, without fanfare. His … [Read more...]

A Simple Idea That Will Rescue Your Mother’s Day

Best Mothers Day Ever

I always loved Mother's Day when I was a child. I remember making little gifts for my mom at school--tokens of my love for her. A painting. A handprint. A poem. At that time I thought my mom had it all together. It seemed that she always knew what to do, what to say. I felt her love for me and I knew that she enjoyed being a mom.  What I didn't know was how much she struggled with feelings of failure, doubt and inadequacy. What I didn't know was that on Mother's Day she measured herself … [Read more...]

He Walks Alongside Me, Carrying My Burdens


Last Sunday was a difficult day for my ten-year old daughter. Daylight savings fell on her morning to deliver the paper. Normally she would have little trouble adjusting to the time change, but she had participated in a dance competition over the weekend and was physically exhausted. I was proud of her when she emerged from the basement and began the process of collating and folding the huge Sunday papers. We left the house later than usual and walked very slowly. Instead of being her … [Read more...]

The Bumpy Road to Mother of the Year

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You may have heard that I was recently named the Idaho Young Mother of the Year. It was an honor and an experience that I will cherish always. However, I want to make one thing clear... The honor didn't come as a result of flawless parenting, nor did the bestowal of such a title perfect me. Sometimes as moms we look around and think other moms have it all together. I know I have been guilty of such thoughts. And I know I've had feelings of self-doubt wash over me at times. But I've been … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of New Year’s Resolution


Usually at this time of year I am knee deep in New Year's resolutions. Get organized. Lose weight. Save money. Learn something new. But this year I just feel differently. You see, over the holidays I had a little ah-ha moment. I was having a conversation with someone I had just met when I found myself saying something that was a distortion of the truth. It was an awkward little lie that I didn't even notice I was telling. It just came to me in that moment and so I said it. Later, after … [Read more...]