Chalkboard Christmas Cookies

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Every  year I make a set of Christmas cookies. These are my Christmas cookies for 2016. 

chalkboard christmas cookies

In the past, I have made a variety of cookies. Lots of colors, lots of variety.  This year I wanted to be more simple. And I wanted to avoid the fru fru Christmas characters, like Santa and Rudolph. There is nothing wrong with those, but this year, I wanted to focus on the Savior. 

As my kids get older, I find it is hard to keep the focus on the true reason for Christmas. It’s not all about getting presents from Santa!

And, you probably know, that I love the chalkboard cookie. So I went with a set of themed chalkboard cookies. Can you see the theme? I tried to stick with Christ centered Christmas songs.  

Can you guess the songs? If not, I’ll give you a hint (See if you can match them up.)

The Messiah

Hark the Herald Angels (There are two that go with this one.)

We Three Kings

Joy to the World (Two for this one as well) 

Silent Night (This one is tricky)

The First Noel

O Holy Night

You may be wondering about the “Light the World” cookie. It is the 2016  Christmas theme for the LDS Church. It is a gentle nudge to spread light by serving and loving those around us. It is great and if you want to know more, click here. What a cool way to focus on the Savior this season. They have great suggestions for adults and children alike.


I made these with my handy dandy white food color pen. The brush lettering was done with a small pentel water brush dipped in white color. The gold and silver were painted with Tru Color powders.

I always love how a set of cookies comes together at the end. I usually don’t have a clear picture when I start, but they usually evolve. I often hate them as I am making them, but then at the end, it all comes together and I love them. The silver and gold weren’t planned in the beginning, but that is what really makes these cool.

If you want more info on making chalkboard cookies, visit my tutorial. I hope you enjoy my chalkboard Christmas cookies.

Merry Christmas!!

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    • Linda Grace Fugate says

      I Love your chalkboard cookies. I am a Christian and I love to bake. I wanted to make a cookie to hand out to people randomly to spread God’s love and to bring hope to their hearts. I was thinking of how to put a scripture on paper and place it in a cookie. Any suggestions?

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