Baptism Soda Bar – Fiiz at Home

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Baptism soda bar

Recently my friend Jamie D. asked for some help planning her daughter’s post baptism celebration.  I had been thinking for a while about doing a soda bar at an event. Then she texted me and said she was thinking about doing a soda bar. We were on the same wavelength!

There is a very popular local soda shop called Fiiz.  They mix sodas with different flavorings and purees to create a “drink experience.” Jamie’s daughter is a huge fan, so it was a perfect fit for her baptism. We started thinking up fun names to call our favorite Fiiz drinks. Fiiz has hundreds of possible menu choices and obviously that wasn’t a viable option, so instead we tried to buy a few flavorings and maximize the choices with those flavors

I got super exctied and went, perhaps, overboard. But it was so much fun! And it was a huge hit!

fiiz at home


Do you want to have Fiiz at home for an upcoming event? Lemme help you recreate this for your next shindig!

Now you can make whatever drinks you want and name them whatever you want. That is the beauty of this type of thing. But if you want to skip 92% of the work, happen to be using it for an LDS baptism or other LDS activity and want to just steal what I made then by all means.

First, the menu. I made a cute chalkboard menu and printed it off at Costco.

I’ve included a couple of these printables.

This one is the one we used for the baptism. Since it was made for a baptism (obviously), it has a baptism  specific theme. (And the Patriarch’s Straight and Narrow is an inside joke.)

baptism Soda Bar

Here is a downloadable PDF file. Baptism Soda Bar

This one is generally LDS themed (not just baptism,) and could be used for any gathering.  And since I know some people aren’t super excited about the caffeinated drink family; Coke, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew,  I made this one without soda names. You can just use all Sprite or Sprite and ginger ale, root beer or whatever you want.

Fiiz at home

Here’s he PDF for this one. LDS Soda Bar 

Baptism Soda Bar-001

The Baptism Girl deciding which drink to have


Next, the shopping list.

For the menu items above you will need:

Torani (or other brand) syrups: Coconut, Rapsberry, Peach, Vanilla & Pineapple

Syrups can be purchased several places. World Market carries them, Gygi’s in Salt Lake has some (lots more of a different brand), the Webstaurant store has them and Amazon is hit or miss. You will also need to purchase pumps for each flavor of syrup. We also used an empty bottle and pump for the heavy cream.

* A side note. Fiiz uses purees in some of their drinks. We went to the trouble of getting those purees and they were pretty expensive and hard to come by. However, in retrospect, I don’t think they were worth the trouble. So I’m suggesting you just stick with the syrups.

Fresh Limes cut into wedges

Heavy Whipping cream

Whipped cream in a can

Rainbow sprinkles

Ice (pebble ice is ideal and can be purchased from several restaurants including Sonic, Chick Fil A or Fiiz itself. If you can’t get pebble ice, then just go with whatever ice you have.)



Sodas (We used Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger Ale, Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew for her baptism, but like I said above, you can just stick with the non-caffeinated sodas as well.)

Let’s talk quantities. The baptism had a crowd of about 50 and everybody had at least a couple of drinks.

We went through 4 Cokes, 3 Diet Cokes, 3 Dr. Peppers, 4 Sprites, 3 Mountain Dews and 2 Ginger Ales. We used about 5 limes. 1 1/2 cans of whipped cream, 2 pints of whipping cream and about 1/2 cup of sprinkles. We also went through about 2 1/2 five lb. bags of pebble ice and about 100 cups and straws. The Torani flavors were all about half gone when we were done.

Like, I said before, this theme was a huge hit! Adults and kids alike were thrilled. You may want to have an adult police your table, if you have little ones at the party!

Adapt and adjust as you need, there are no hard and fast rules here.

Enjoy, and drink responsibly ;).

Here’s some bonus printables. Just for fun!

Baptism Soda Bar Banner Baptism Soda Bar Banner



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  1. Kelly says

    This is such a fun idea! Perfect for my sons summer baptism! Thank you for the printables and inspo!

  2. Kathy says

    Using this for my daughter’s baptism next week. We are so excited! Such a fun and unique idea. Thank you for sharing the printables!! ❤️

  3. darcymae says

    Can you tell me what the difference is between the syrups that are translucent and have pumps and the ones that are white and do not have pumps?

  4. Meghann says

    Do you happen to have an editable version of your soda bar signs? I love this idea but I wasn’t able to find the same flavors of syrup that you used so I need to change a couple of things.
    thanks so much!

  5. Erica Fish says

    I Love this so much! My daughter will be baptized soon and we love this idea. I was wondering if you would be able to make each drink recipe on a single page? I am picturing having 8×10 frames around the table with a single recipe on each one. Is that something you could make? I would be happy to pay for your time.
    Thank you!

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