The Eagle Has Landed- Eagle Scout Cookies

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Eagle Scout Cookies

Last week, I had the pleasure of making cookies for the Eagle Scout Court of Honor for two young men. They were for a friend’s son and his BFF. I haven’t seen my friend in a very long time, but keep up with on Facebook. She is hilarious!

This was an exciting assignment because I have never made Eagle Scout cookies before. Baby shower cookies? Yes, lots. Baptism cookies? Yes, lots. Birthday cookies? Yes, lots. Eagle Scout Cookies? No

I thought it would be cool to make cookies with each of the tenets in the Scout law. Don’t pay too close of attention to the order, I am obviously not a Boy Scout.

Then I made cookies with the Eagle Scout patch and an eagle. I was really pleased with how both turned out. Originally I swore that I wouldn’t attempt to make either one of those cookies, because I thought it would be too hard. But I’m glad I did.

Eagle Scout Cookies 5

My favorite, though, was the cookie that said, “Houston, the Eagle has landed.” I knew my friend would appreciate that one.

Eagle Scout Cookies 2


Congrats Tommy and Riley. Becoming an Eagle Scout is quite an accomplishment!

eagle scout cookies


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      • Yaritza says

        Good morning Anita
        I’m from Puerto Rico, thank you for share your work with us.

        My son is an Eagle Scout and I would like to make some of thouse beautiful cookies. Can you tell me here you bouth the stencils?


  1. says

    Oh my! I only wish you were within driving distance of me!!! We are catering a celebration for a young man who has achieved his Eagle Scout and I would LOVE to buy a complete set of these from you!!!!

    Great Job!!!

  2. Kim MacMartin says

    Hi Anita,
    I am planning to make some cookies similar to these for my son’s Eagle Court of Honor. Since I am a working mom, how far in advance can you decorate these cookies and still have them taste good? Also, do you have a frosting recipe that you could recommend for such fine detailed work? Thank you, Kim

    • AnitaAnita says

      If you keep them in an airtight container, they will stay good for about a week. And I use a royal icing recipe that is on the site. Good luck!

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