Happy Birthday to My BFF Cookies

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Happy Birthday BFF

Yesterday was my BFF’s birthday. We met in Mr. Clark’s 8th grade history class. We spent pretty much every waking hour together until I got married. We have been apart and then reunited many times as she has moved around the US. She moved back a couple years ago AND we have daughters the same age. How perfect is that?  It has been a while since we have seen each other (since the end of the Fall soccer season) because life is just so busy. When soccer began again  (our daughters play on the same team by design), we came together once again. When I  saw her, I told her I had a confession.  I then explained that I had gone crazy and cookie decorating had taken over my life since the last time we’d been together.  I don’t know if she knew how to respond to that. I don’t know if anybody does.

After our latest reunion and my confession, her Mom called and asked if I would make her some cookies for her birthday.  I was going to do it anyway. How fun, to make cookies for your best friend’s birthday. It means she can enjoy your craziness as well. She is an awesome gal who is a flower expert. She is in charge of choosing, growing and planting all the flowers for a swanky golf club. And  I always go to her for flower related questions. For instance, “Why do ALL my flowers die?” I thought about asking her what her favorite flower is, but I didn’t, because I probably can’t make an African Silver Ranunculus. But I can make these.

I used a food dehydrator for the first time making these cookies. It was something introduced to me at Cookie Con. It is supposed to increase the shine of the cookie. What do you think?  I loved it! Not only are they shinier, but it allowed me to work at a much quicker pace.  It helped set up each layer so I could add another layer without waiting as long. I may have to steal the dehydrator that I borrowed from my neighbor. Don’t tell.

Happy Birthday Heidi! Can you believe we are this old?!?

Happy Birthday BFF plaque cookies

Flower cookies inspired by Sweet Sugar Belle and Cupcakes inspired by Lila Loa.

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  1. Heidi says

    Ah….lucky me to have Anita as my BFF. Everything she said is true, and the cookies were exceptional. I’ve always tried to be as great as Anita at everything I do, but there is no hope for me to reach her level of greatness with these fancy cookies. Thanks Pal! You’re the best.

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