Oh Boy! Baby Shower Cookies

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Oh Boy Baby Shower Cookie Platter

I have a friend named Denise. I was actually friends with her sister Carla for a while before I met Denise. Carla is my favorite FBI agent. We volunteered together at a camp for kids with cancer for about 10 years. After a few years Carla brought Denise to the camp. Then Denise and my sister became room mates before Denise got married.

My kids call Carla, Aunt Carla and we like to visit her in San Diego whenever we can. These girls are like a part of my family so I was excited to make some cookies for Denise’s baby shower.

Oh Boy Baby Shower Cookies

I got the ideas from her invitation. It said, “oh boy!” with a little bow tie on it.

Best of luck to Denise and her new little one.

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