Cookie Con Here I Come!

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I am a newbie to the cookie decorating world. I just started making cookies in November of 2013. But the obsession has taken hold of me. I found out about a convention for people who are weird just like me. It is called Cookie Con. When I first learned of the convention I was sure that it wasn’t for me. It was for the professionals, the real decorators. I found out it was held in Salt Lake City, a.k.a. home. That was a nudge, but I still wasn’t convinced. I kept going back to their website over, and over and over. It was kind of expensive for a hobby and again, I’m not a real cookier. Then I saw the presenters and their topics. They are like the Olympus of cookie people. The GODS!

I sheepishly told The Strongman that I wanted to talk to him about something. He got really nervous and wondered if I was going to ask him for a divorce (not really, I don’t actually know what he was thinking, but I know I made him nervous). I said, “I want to go to Cookie Con.” He promptly answered, “then go.” I had expected more of a discussion about the wisdom in spending bajillions of dollars on a hobby. But, hey, I wasn’t going to prompt that discussion! (I am waiting for him to say, “Anita, I want to sign up for this exceedingly expensive bike race.” and I’ll be stuck.)

So, I went to sign up and guess what? It was full. LAME.

But, guess what else? A spot opened up and I signed up.

Well today is the day that it begins. I am super nervous and super excited. It is like the first day of school. Not knowing if you’ll find somebody to eat lunch with. Not knowing if your brand new Girbaud jeans are still in fashion. You know.

One of the activities at Cookie Con is called the Sugar Show. You enter some of your decorated cookies into various categories and everybody votes for their favorites.  I had NO intention of doing that. Refer to my feelings of inadequacy above. However, I read some past attendee’s tips and hints for attending Cookie Con. Over and over, they said that you should enter, even if you don’t feel like your cookies are that great. It was about the experience.

I decided I would do it. (The clincher was that nobody’s names would be posted next to the cookies. So I can just pretend like those lame cookies came from somebody else.) I had planned on working on them yesterday (which really isn’t sufficient time in the first place.) Then I had to take The Wrecking Ball to the dentist. He had to be sedated and the dentist told me he would sleep the rest of the day. HE LIED! He lived up to the Wrecking Ball nickname. He was beyond bonkers when we got home. He was falling over and running into walls and trying to punch me and screaming jibberish and climbing in the freezer etc. I was sure we would be visiting the ER for stitches because he was like a very terrible drunk 3 year-old. (He does have some pretty awesome bruises on his face today.) I was playing defense against a crazed lunatic most of the day. Then I handed him off to his dad and went to work until late last night. So, it goes without saying, that I did not make cookies yesterday.  

I knew I couldn’t possibly make the cookies I had planned on. But I did get some inspiration on my drive home from work late last night. This was the inspiration…it really came from my drive home.

i-15 and i-80 cookies

Yep, the category is, “Tell something about where you are from.” I chose not to highlight our national parks, Temple Square, The Great Salt Lake, the state universities,the mountains and ski resorts or anything that makes sense. Instead, I’m highlighting our major freeways. “Hey guys come visit my state. And while your here, make sure you try out our freeways. They are the highlight of our state.”  I have a feeling nobody will be presenting this same cookie. 😉

I can’t tell you how stressful it is to make cookies like this. It is one thing to make them for somebody who doesn’t know how to decorate a cookie. But to make it for real decorators. Pressure. Cross your fingers that I don’t embarrass myself, just kidding cross your fingers that I win! (Although I heard the prize is a unicycle and I already have one of those.)

I’ll tell you all about my experience after it is all done. Hopefully I will meet lots of new cookie friends!

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  1. Melanie Randall says

    Did The Strongman and The Wrecking Ball choose their anonymous names? And I think you’ll totally win! CLEVER COOKIES!!! If you do, you can give me the unicycle. I need to master it anyway.

  2. Jamie D says

    My sweet amazing friend!! I love you for so many reasons- I love that you let a very drugged me use your private bathroom on a yacht trip! (” I just have to pee, I’m not looking at anything, I just have to pee.”) and then forgave me. I love that you allow me to say “I’m an outdoor girl” & you have the decency not to laugh…much. I love that you are fiercely competitive & hate to lose, I love that you randomly try recipes & they ALWAYS turn out amazing!, Hello goat cheese?? I can’t live without it!! I love that you are a frequent flosser (that’s my nice way of saying OCD flosser-but you do have lovely teeth) I love that you are totally a kid at heart-I can think of no other who would wear a NachoLibre costume & I love that you discovered a rare pink ewok that year living in my very home! I really have a giant list of why I love you but I’m leaving most off cuz my fingers hurt from typing. So, last I love that you are so freakingly, awesomely, amazingly, crazily, BRAVE!! I obviously think that your cookies are Amazeballs and if I was passing out the prizes- you would be #1!! You just full throttle your dream of cookie maker extraordinaire into cookie-con! I so wish I could be there to cheer, lend my moral support, & maybe get a cookie or 43, but know I love you! You are a wonderful, inspiring, rockin friend and I’m proud of you! I can’t wait to see/hear how everything goes! Sending all the luck & love the DC Metro area & the Dunk fam has to offer your way! Kick some trash Anita!! Good Luck & We love you!!!

    • AnitaAnita Coyle says

      You are so nice! Almost started crying reading your message. Thank you thank you thank you. I love that I have such a great friend!

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