What Is Moonshine?

What Is Moonshine?

You will almost certainly have heard of moonshine, but do you know what it is? Most of you may even know that moonshine is a variety of alcohol. But what makes it different from the rest? 

What Is Moonshine?

There is a lot of speculation surrounding this infamous alcohol and we are here to tell you everything you need to know about moonshine. From what exactly it is to displacing some of the silly stories surrounding this alcoholic beverage. 

So, without further ado, let us dive right in and get started!

Moonshine – What Is It?

Moonshine is a variety of alcohol. It is a type of high-proof liquor (see also: What Is Malt Liquor?)that is most frequently made illegally and without the authorization of the government.

Moonshine gets its name from when it used to be distilled during nighttime so that it was less likely that the law would happen across their illegal activities. 

This alcohol is well known for having an excessively high alcohol percentage content and for being distilled using homemade stills or equipment which were often built in the remote areas of the country like the mountains or wilderness.

This beverage got its claim to fame when America was experiencing the prohibition. Many criminals, of varying organizations, would make, sell and consume this kind of alcohol. 

What Is Used To Make Moonshine?

What Is Used To Make Moonshine?

It is possible to produce moonshine using a variety of grains or different kinds of fruit. But it is most commonly made using corn.

This is because most people that make this alcohol are farmers and will make moonshine using the excess of the crop which has been planted for that year. 

Corn is preferred because there is often a lot of it and it has a fermentable sugar which makes moonshine as tasty and unique as it is. This makes this beverage all the more tasty and gives it a unique flavor. 

What Is The Alcohol Percentage And Proof Of Moonshine?

Moonshine will most often have an ABV of 40%, but this percentage can go higher and reach between 60% and 80% ABV. The alcohol content of moonshine can be converted to proof by multiplying it by two. So, 40% ABV is 80-proof.

Distilling moonshine is essential, as it can affect the freezing point of alcohol as well as how it will affect you when you drink it.

If you want to do any distilling of moonshine we recommend that you get yourself a hydrometer so that you can find out what the ABV of your moonshine is. 

What Flavor Of Moonshine Do You Get?

What Flavor of Moonshine Do You Get?

As we said before, it is possible to produce moonshine out of just about any kind of fruit or grain. This means that there will be a great variety of flavors depending on what the moonshine is made of and what flavorings are used. 

The most commonly enjoyed moonshine flavor varieties are as follows: 

  • Blackberry
  • Peppermint
  • Cherry
  • Apple
  • Vanilla

There can be other flavors, but these are among the most sought after flavors for this alcohol. 

The Legalities Surrounding Moonshine

In the United States it is illegal for you to produce alcohol without the right kind of permit or any permit at all. That being said, in some states it is legal to make moonshine for personal consumption or with the government’s permission. 

At the end of the day it is best to contact your local authorities and find out what exact permits you need and hot to apply to them if you are dead set on making moonshine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we are going to answer some of your most commonly asked queries and questions surrounding moonshine. 

What Variety Of Alcoholic Beverage Is Moonshine?

For the most part, it is agreed upon that moonshine is a variety of alcohol that is made at home and is an unaged whiskey.

You may be surprised by this because moonshine is clear. But the process of distilling and ingredients are almost identical to whiskey. 

Is Moonshine One Hundred Percent Alcohol?

You might be surprised to learn that moonshine is not 100% alcohol. It actually falls between 40% and 80% alcohol by volume. This number can get higher or lower depending on the process of distilling.

Higher is not necessarily better, higher alcohol can be very bad for the body and have a terrible effect on the body. So, avoid drinking 100% alcohol!

Can You Purchase Moonshine?

Surprisingly, yes! Moonshine can be bought from some commercial sources which make it legally. Many people do not think that it is possible for commercial moonshine to be true moonshine as it negates the idea of moonshine being homemade. 

Where Did Moonshine Originate In America?

In America moonshine is thought to have originated in the state of Pennsylvania.  This beverage is deeply rooted in southern culture and heritage.

But the origin of this drink can be traced back to Pennsylvania. Particularly in the western part of this state. 

Who Invented Moonshine?

Moonshine may be something that is associated with America, but the distillation is actually more deploy rooted in Scotland. Which is no surprise as the country of Scotland was around long before America became what it is today.

The settlers in Appalachia were trying to create an alcoholic drink which was similar to the illicit whiskey and so moonshine was born. 

What Is A Slang Term for Moonshine?

Moonshine actually has several different slang nicknames. The most frequently used common slang names for moonshine are as follows: white lightning, corn liquor, stump water, skullcracker, wildcat, ruckus juice.

Final Thoughts

We hope that you have enjoyed reading this article and learning about what exactly moonshine is. As you will undoubtedly know by this point, moonshine is a variety of alcohol. It is a type of clear unaged whiskey which has been made all over the world. 

Remember that there is federal law against moonshine in many states. In some you are only allowed to brew moonshine for personal consumption.

So, if you want to make some of this drink for yourself, make sure to check with your state law so see if you are able to do so where you live. 

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