Best 20 Spam Recipes To Make Your Mouth Water

Also referred to as ‘The Hawaiian Steak,’ Spam is beloved in Hawaii. It gained prominence during the Second World War, and has only grown in popularity since then. 

Best 20 Spam Recipes To Make Your Mouth Water

If you want to do something with the can of Spam in your pantry, why not use it as the basis for a delicious breakfast or satisfying weekday meal? Spam is versatile, filling, quick, and easy to make!

Try these 20 mouthwatering Spam recipes below and you won’t regret it.

Spam Tacos

We highly recommend you make these Spam tacos as soon as possible! Topped with a creamy lemon and cilantro sauce and guacamole, these tacos filled with flavorful, sizzling Spam are a taste explosion.

They’re quick and easy to make too, since they can be on your table in as little as 15 minutes, and they can be made with basic ingredients we all have in our pantry.

Caramelized Spam And Eggs

We guarantee this Spam and egg recipe will become your new favorite breakfast. The sugar and soy sauce caramelize into a glaze that takes Spam to dizzying new heights.

To add even more flavor, the Japanese seasoning, furikake, and fried garlic really makes the eggs pop. This flavor fiesta is a great way to start your morning!

Crispy Spam Steak

This crispy Spam steak is a simple and quick way to introduce your family to the wonders of Spam. If your kids are reticent about trying it by itself, coating Spam in breadcrumbs and egg before frying it until it’s perfectly crisp might persuade them. 

Making crispy Spam steak couldn’t be easier. You just need some flour and cornstarch, and of course an egg for the initial coating. This allows the flour and cornstarch to stick to the Spam steak, and improves the consistency and texture. 

Spam Fried Rice

If you want a healthy meal that is packed with flavor, then look no further than Spam fried rice! It’s guaranteed to delight your tastebuds, and might even have the edge over regular fried rice.

Think about it – what’s more mouthwatering than crunchy vegetables, fluffy rice, and savory Spam? Plus, it’s so versatile! You can use any vegetables you like, and it will still be delicious.

Creamy Baked Sweet Potatoes With Spam And Apple

Sweet potatoes are undeniably delicious, and work so well in everything from chili to Quiché, from soups to stews. They’re also incredible when baked and topped with butter, and this recipe elevates that concept to new heights.

The savory, rich flavor combination of apples, mashed sweet potatoes, and Spam is inspired. It’s moreish and creamy, and is sure to delight any dinner table. 

Spam Fries

Is there anything more mouthwatering than fried food? The crunchy outside, and the steamy, delicious inside these Spam fries makes for an incredibly hearty side dish.

Plus, they’re simple to cook and every bite is amazing. All you need to do is cut the Spam into strips, coat them in batter, and then fry them until they’re perfectly crisp. Enjoy them alongside your preferred dipping sauce, and there’s sure to be none left.

Bacon-Wrapped Spam Bites

This bacon-wrapped Spam bites recipe definitely packs a punch! It’s a meaty snack that’s great to serve during summer barbecues. The meaty, salty Spam flavor is a great contrast against the smoky, crispy bacon.

For added deliciousness, place some mozzarella between the Spam and the bacon.

Spam-Filled Fried Donuts

Stay with us on this one! Spam-filled fried donuts may sound strange but if you love sweet and salty combinations – such as bacon and maple – then you’re going to be obsessed with these fried treats. This take on the iconic fried donut pairs sugary dough with Spam cubes. These are best served warm, and you can’t be too generous with the delicious glaze.

Kimchi Spam Pizza

Another out-there recipe, but trust us, kimchi, spam, and pizza are the perfect trio. This recipe is further proof that sometimes the strangest combinations can be the most amazing ones.

The tender yet crispy Spam combined with the crunchy and spicy kimchi on pizza (see also: Best Pizza In Brooklyn)is inspired, and one you’re guaranteed to come back to.

Spam Fried Potatoes

If you enjoy potatoes, and you love Spam, then you need to give this recipe a try. Potatoes are made even better with a touch of salt, which Spam has plenty of.

This dish is equal parts delicious and filling, and sure to leave you satisfied. It couldn’t be simpler to make, and can also be modified to be an amazing side dish. We also recommend serving it like a hash topped with a fried egg. 

Caramelized Spam Benedict

This caramelized Spam Benedict recipe needs to go into your brunch (see also: What Time Is Brunch?)recipe rotation. Trust us, it will take your Sunday morning brunches to the next level!

The spicy Sriracha hollandaise sauce pairs effortlessly well with the Spam glazed in a sweet, soy caramel. If that wasn’t enough, the Hawaiian bun and the poached egg add other welcome textures.

This dish is rich without being heavy, and is sure to delight your brunch guests.

Spam Salad With Garlic Croutons And Gruyère

We all know how healthy salad is, but sometimes we need some extras to make it more appealing, and this dish definitely has those! It’s a salad bursting with stunning colors and delicious flavors.

The garlic croutons, Gruyère cheese, and Spam provides the ideal combination of crunchy and salty, and makes for the most comforting salad you’ll ever eat. 

You simply toss Romaine lettuce in a garlicky French dressing, before adding garlic croutons and fried Spam, and grated Gruyère cheese. 

Spam Carbonara

If you’re in the mood for a creamy, quick pasta dish, then look no further than Spam carbonara! This recipe looks to Filipino cuisine for inspiration by using meaty Spam rather than chicken or bacon.

As well as being delicious, it’s also an amazing budget-friendly meal.

Air Fryer Spam

This Air Fryer Spam recipe guarantees crispy perfection. It’s also another budget-friendly recipe, and a simple way to cook Spam in the Air Fryer.

First, you coat the Spam in flour, dip it in eggs and cover it in breadcrumbs for a homemade coating, before air frying them for a perfect midweek meal.

You can get your Spam unbelievably crispy by cooking it in an Air Fryer, all the while maintaining its flavor and juiciness. 

Grilled Spam Steak Sandwich

This recipe is going to be your go-to recipe for summer cook-outs. While it may not be as luxurious as your standard steak sandwich, you can customize it easily with your favorite ingredients.

It’s so versatile it pretty much goes with anything! We recommend going classic with the fillings, packing the sandwich with lettuce, onion, and tomato. 

With minimal ingredients and easy prep, this sandwich can be ready to enjoy in around 10 minutes! This straightforward sandwich is ideal when you want something simple, yet tasty and filling.

This sandwich is sure to go down a treat with both adults and kids, and can be made with a frying pan or on the grill. 

Crispy Potato & Spam Waffles

Another amazing brunch recipe is these crispy potato (see also: Best 9 Russet Potato Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water)and Spam waffles! The hearty potato is the perfect contrast to the cheesy goodness and hearty Spam, all the while being beautifully tender.

To really impress, we recommend serving them with maple syrup and fried chicken.

Spam Ramen

This Spam Ramen recipe is proof that you just need a couple of pantry staples to make a delicious meal. Spam ramen is the perfect meal to make when you need a quick fix, you’ve had a busy day, or your fresh food is running low.

It’s also an amazing way to experiment and get creative with unique flavor pairings. A pack of ramen and a can of Span be transformed into a tasty, hearty meal in just a few minutes.

Cheesy Macaroni Spam Bake

What’s more comforting than a creamy, cheesy macaroni bake? This pasta bake requires just three-ingredients and will be an instant family favorite.

You can also customize this macaroni bake with extra veggies such as sweet potatoes, corn, or broccoli. 

Spam Fritters

Give your regular dinners a boost with this Spam fritters recipe that is as simple as it is delicious! You just need a couple of ingredients and 30 minutes to spare.

These crispy, golden parcels are made with a beer batter that melts in your mouth spectacularly. These can be enjoyed as an appetizer, a side dish, or a quick snack.

Kimchi Fried Rice With Spam

If you have some day-old rice and kimchi in your fridge, turn to this recipe rather than throwing it in the trash. You won’t regret it – this dish is simple, quick, and – most importantly – delicious.

You just need to fry some spam, before adding the kimchi and rice. Stir it all together and add a fried egg on top. This recipe is great for busy weeknights, as it can be on your table in under 20 minutes. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 20 best mouthwatering Spam recipes that transform the simple pantry staple into flavorful, hearty meals. 

Kaitlyn James
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