Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Have you seen these fantastic Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs that are all over social media? They are so aesthetically pleasing to look at, with their neat, colorful layers, and better yet, they are entirely edible.

Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

If you’d like to make your very own versions of these wobbly, vibrantly colored eggs, look no further. In this guide, we have listed an easy-to-follow recipe to help you create your own. 

This is a fun activity to complete on your own, or to get the kids to help you out with. Either way, we have no doubt you’ll have fun making (and eating) these wonderful, colorful Easter eggs!

So, let’s jump straight into it. Here is how you can create your very own Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs in the comfort of your own kitchen.

All You Need To Make Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

Before you think about creating your very own rainbow Jello Easter eggs, you are going to want to make sure that you have everything you need to make them. This includes not only all the ingredients, but also all the cooking utensils!

Below, we have listed all the tools and ingredients that you are going to need to make these rainbow Jello eggs at home.

Tools Needed

To make the rainbow Jello Easter eggs, you are going to need the following tools and equipment:

  • Easter egg molds (something similar to these, but of whichever size you prefer)
  • A sharp knife or a drill
  • Empty egg cartons
  • A plastic syringe
  • A mixing bowl
  • A spoon or a whisk
  • Tape

Ingredients Needed

To make the rainbow Jello Easter eggs, you are going to need the following ingredients:

  • Red colored Jello
  • Orange colored Jello
  • Yellow colored Jello
  • Green colored Jello
  • Blue colored Jello
  • Purple colored Jello
  • Gelatin
  • Hot water
  • Natural yogurt

How To Make Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

When you have gathered all of the equipment and ingredients, you will be ready to create your own rainbow Jello Easter eggs. Make sure you’ve got a clear, clean area to work on, and remember to wash your hands before you begin assembling.

Without further ado, let’s begin!

Prepare The Easter Egg

First things first, you are going to want to gather up all the eggs that you will be using. Then, using a sharp knife or a drill, you will need to create a hole in the top of each egg.

The hole will need to be large enough to insert the jello and yogurt through. So, depending on the size of the egg itself, you’ll need to make sure the hole is wide enough to fit the nozzle of the syringe through.

Once you’ve made the hole, use some tape to completely seal up the opening of the two halves of the egg. The egg may be secure enough when it’s shut that it won’t need to be taped together, but you may want to use some tape just in case.

Prepare The Purple Colored Jello

Once the eggs have been prepared, it is time to start preparing the Jello. Out of the six colors/flavors, you should start with the sixth and final color of the rainbow: violet (purple).

Prepare the Jello by adding the gelatin and some boiling water to the mix, and then whisking it together until it has completely dissolved. 

Apply The Purple Jello

Next, you are going to need to use your syringe. Depending on the size of your eggs, you’re going to need to measure how much Jello you’re going to need for each layer. 

Your best bet is to measure one of the eggs, and then divide that measurement by 12, since you will be applying 12 different layers. 

Using the syringe, collect the correct amount of purple Jello from the bowl, and then slowly squirt it into each egg. 

Allow The Jello To Set

Place all the eggs upright in an egg carton, and then place in the refrigerator for around 10–15 minutes. This should be enough time for the Jello to completely set.

You’re going to want to make sure that each individual layer has completely cooled down and set before you move onto the next layer. If you don’t do this, each color is going to bleed into each other, creating a messy appearance. 

If you want neat lines of each color, be sure to allow each color to completely set before moving onto the next one. 

Prepare The Purple Yogurt

At this point, you should still have some purple Jello left over. Add just one tablespoon of natural yogurt into the mix, and stir until it has all blended together. This will be your second purple layer.

Once the purple Jello layer has set, remove the eggs from the refrigerator. Use the syringe to collect the purple Jello yogurt, and insert it into each egg to create the next layer.

Allow The Yogurt To Set

Once you’ve added a purple yogurt layer to each egg, place them all back into the refrigerator for a further 10–15 minutes.

Repeat Steps 2-6 With Each Color

You are going to want to repeat this entire process for each color; starting with the Jello layer, and then creating the yogurt layer to follow it. 

If you want the layers to be added in the order of the colors of the rainbow, you will need to add them in this order:

  1. Purple
  2. Blue
  3. Green
  4. Yellow
  5. Orange
  6. Red

Allow The Egg To Completely Set

Once you have added the final layer to each egg – which should be the red yogurt layer – you will want to leave the eggs in the refrigerator for a minimum time of 30 minutes. This additional time in the fridge will ensure that the egg has completely set.

If you remove the egg before the half hour has passed, you risk ruining the Jello egg altogether! It may still not have set completely, which will cause the Jello to fall apart once you remove it from the mold. 

Be patient, and wait it out…

Open Up The Egg

Once the 30 minutes have passed, you can remove each egg from their molds. You should now be left with several multicolored Jello Easter eggs!

Final Thoughts

So, there we have it! It is so incredibly easy to make your very own Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs at home.

Whether you’re making them for your children, your family, or just for yourself, you can guarantee that you’ll end up with some delicious, colorful eggs by the time you’ve followed each of our steps above.

We hope you found our guide helpful.

Good luck!

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