Best 17 Italian Chicken Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Are you looking for some delicious Italian chicken recipes? You don’t need to look further if you want a source of mouth-watering inspiration.

Best 17 Italian Chicken Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

We’ve compiled a selection of our favorite Italian chicken recipes that you just have to try. Consider taking a look at our selection and find your next meal today.

Below, we’ve found seventeen of our favorite Italian chicken recipes for you to find a new taste for you to enjoy. We hope you enjoy these recipes, so feel free to keep reading to find one that suits your tastes. Now, it’s time to explore a new land of Italian cuisine. 

1. Italian Marinated Chicken

What sets this Italian chicken recipe apart from all the rest is that it even comes with ingredients for a homemade Italian dressing. This marinated chicken is simple to make with a homemade dressing containing vinegar, wine, and plenty of herbs.

You can serve it with any vegetables or salads you choose and even use leftovers to make your own Italian marinated chicken wrap

2. Italian Dressing Chicken

If you don’t have time to make your dressing, you can always bake your chicken with your favorite Italian dressing from the store. This chicken is easy to make; you only need three ingredients and five minutes of prep time.

You only need chicken breasts, parmesan cheese, salt, pepper, and salad dressing. You can add a few minced garlic cloves to your marinade to enjoy an additional kick. 

3. Italian Herb Roasted Chicken

Due to the blank canvas of a chicken, it’s the perfect dish to serve with herbs. You can grab your traditional Italian spices, like thyme, oregano, rosemary, and parsley, with some added garlic for taste.

Coat your chicken with your herbs as you wait for your oven to preheat, then put your breaded chicken in the oven. It doesn’t take long to make.

Just make sure you check the chicken has an internal temperature of 165°F when you take it out of the oven. 

4. Baked Italian Chicken Thighs

These baked Italian chicken thighs are a succulent recipe that will have you return for more. If you’re tired of focusing on chicken breasts or legs, these chicken thighs will be perfect. The best part about chicken thighs is that they’re impossible to overcook.

All you need to do is season, marinate, and bake it in the oven. However, if you prefer chicken legs, you can use them or substitute any other ingredients you like. 

5. Chicken Cacciatore

While it may sound intimidating, chicken cacciatore is not as intimidating as it sounds. Although it is not the traditional recipe, you’ll find that this chicken cacciatore is faster and healthier to make.

It’s a hunter-style chicken with slow-simmered chicken, tomatoes, vegetables, and a splash of wine or vinegar. With a rich sauce, it’s no wonder that chicken cacciatore is such a home comfort to many.

6. Baked Caprese Chicken

Oven-baked Caprese chicken is easy to cook and topped with tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. It’s a classic recipe that will have your friends and family returning for more, and it’s easy to cook too.

You can top any sized chicken breast with a decadent topping. For an extra moist chicken, you just need to rub on some extra virgin olive oil and combine it with Italian spices for a delicious taste sensation.

7. Crockpot Italian Chicken

If you want a relaxing meal, try this slow-cooked Italian chicken made in your crockpot. All you need on hand is five simple ingredients, and you can just put all of them in your crockpot, set your timer, and leave it for a while.

Combined with cream cheese and a delicious Italian dressing, this is the perfect weekday meal when everyone is busiest. 

8. 3-Ingredient Brown Sugar Italian Chicken

Chicken is one of the best meals to prepare for when you’re busy. This brown sugar chicken recipe is evidence of a quick and easy meal that requires little prep. You only need three ingredients: Italian dressing, brown sugar, and chicken.

Coat the chicken in your seasoning, and you’ll be able to appreciate this delightfully sweet and savory recipe.

9. Italian Chicken Cutlets

Do you struggle to decide between pan-fried or baked chicken cutlets? If so, you can utilize this recipe to switch between either type of chicken breast(see also: Best 12 Chicken Breast On The Bone Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water). Chicken cutlets are thinly sliced chicken breasts that you can choose how to cook depending on your taste.

Once you add your seasoning, you must coat the cutlets in panko or normal bread crumbs, depending on what you have on hand. Then cook them as you like! 

10. Chicken Marsala

We admit that the Olive Garden dish of the same name inspires this chicken marsala recipe(see also: Best 18 Chicken Tenderloin Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water). Still, it’s also inspired by the classic Italian dish.

There are differences between the Italian and Italian-American versions, with the authentic dish containing chicken scallopini. If you’re confused by chicken scallopini, it’s essentially thinly-cut chicken breasts.

However, the Italian-American dish is prepared with chicken thighs and pasta. It’s the sauce that truly makes the dish, though, as you include marsala wine, stock, and cream with the mushroom gravy. 

11. Creamy Tuscan Chicken Pasta

There is no better comfort food than chicken and pasta, so we had to include this creamy Tuscan chicken pasta dish. We find that this creamy pasta dish is easy to make and contains a host of Italian flavors for you to enjoy.

Use penne noodles, and make your sauce with a delicious combination of chicken, baby spinach, and sundried tomatoes. Leave them all in one pot, and you can serve it up in a flash. 

12. Chicken Spiedini

Many people assume that Italian cuisine is complicated, but that’s untrue. One of the easiest chicken recipes is Spiedini served with a delicious buttery Amogio sauce.

Best of all, these can offer an Italian twist to your barbecue, as you just need to marinate the chicken before you grill it and dip it in your sauce. It doesn’t take long to make, and this delicious dish will delight your whole family. 

13. Italian Chicken Casserole

Sure, we’ve talked about slow-cooked Italian chicken before, but have you tried to make your Italian chicken casserole? However, there are two ways to make this recipe, including a skillet version.

But the casserole version involves baked pasta on top, giving an additional crunch to this delicious dish. Some say this is easier than a slow cooker, as you cook the chicken and add everything else.

It’s a perfect dish if you have any leftovers, so feel free to use this when you need to use up your ingredients.

14. Mediterranean Style Chicken Piccata

Mediterranean food includes a perfect combination of lemon (see also: Lemon Tarragon Pasta Salad – Perfect For Showers)and chicken, with plenty of colors added to the dish. But what sets this dish apart from the others? The chicken has been butterflied, so it’s been flattened to half an inch of thickness.

Coat your chicken in some flour, butter, and olive oil. However, you may need to prepare in advance, as this dish also requires capers and chicken stock, which you might not always have.

15. Italian Chicken Meatballs

We admit that meatballs are more of an Italian-American dish, as Italian immigrants in America first invented them, but they still count. Instead of making your standard beef or pork meatballs, consider making them with chicken instead.

Chicken meatballs have a lot of flavors that combine well with pasta and sauce. It’s also a little healthier, and they cook a little faster. Coat them in some marinara, and you’re looking at a decadent meal the whole family will love. 

16. Chicken Sorrentino

Every Italian restaurant in New York will have chicken Sorrentino on the menu. Although the origin of chicken Sorrentino isn’t clear, it’s said to come from Sorrento.

You only need a few ingredients, including chicken scallopini, eggplant, cheese, and plenty of sauce for you to enjoy.

If you can’t find chicken scallopini, you can get some thin chicken cutlets and slice them into smaller pieces. Once you’ve baked it, you can enjoy this easy dish.

17. Tuscan Chicken And Orzo

You can make this dish in one pan, with flavor from garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. No matter how many people you make this for, it won’t be going to waste as it’s perfect for leftovers.

All you need to do is season the chicken and sear it first, then cook the other ingredients before returning your chicken thighs to your pan. It’s an easy recipe to make and one you will want to try again. 

Final Thoughts

We hope you found this post interesting and that you’ve got plenty of new recipes to try next time you’re cooking for your family. We hope you enjoy these recipes and find a new taste of Italy to spark a new sense of adventure in your meals.

If you would like to know more about our recipes, then feel free to check out our other posts for more inspiration and advice. Enjoy your recipes, and we look forward to your next visit to our site! 

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