Best 10 Farro Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Best 10 Farro Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

Rich, hearty, nutty, these are all words people have used to describe farro which is a very popular, but also incredibly unique type of food which is seeing more inclusion in recipes each and every year.

Best 10 Farro Recipes That Will Make Your Mouth Water

There are a few reasons why this has been the case, but a big one is the nutty texture that farrow adds to any meal it is a part of, giving each bite you take a lot more crunch which can make an otherwise boring recipe exciting and flavorful, and since preparing farro is so easy, you won’t want to miss the chance to pick some up for yourself and use it.

While it’s certainly very pleasant when incorporated in certain recipes, the grainy and slightly bitter taste of farro doesn’t mix well with everything, so it can be worth knowing what kinds of food it matches with first before you start preparing anything, and to make this easier for you, we’ve compiled 10 of the very best farro recipes right here that you can cook up in no time.

1. Strawberry Caprese Farro Salad

Looking for a fruity and delicious small snack that you and the whole family can enjoy on a warm summer’s day? Look no further than this strawberry caprese which contains a light layer of farro to add to the texture, striking the perfect balance between juicy and nutty.

This isn’t the only way the farro grains (see also: What Is Porridge?)affect this dish however, they also add even more nutritional value to make this bowl of fruity goodness as healthy as possible, being packed full of protein, fiber, zinc, and a few B vitamins.

2. 30-Minute Greek Shrimp Bowls

Not many people would initially think to mix farro in with a seafood recipe, after all, the texture of both are essentially polar opposites, but the truth is that they make a much more suitable pairing than you might think, and this recipe makes sure that they blend together effortlessly by using a creamy lemon-garlic yogurt to merge all the flavors together as one.

Perfect as a mid-week dinner but also a good choice as a late evening dish, this is a quick and easy recipe that any seafood fans out there need to try out for themselves. Keep in mind that if you’re not a huge fan of shrimp, you can easily switch it out for tofu or chicken, depending on your taste preferences.

3. Brothy Beans With Farro, Egg, And Mushrooms

While the raw egg yolk is definitely an important ingredient in this recipe since it helps to add a much more silky texture along with a tremendous amount of protein, feel free to remove it if you aren’t a big fan of eggs, you will still have more than enough to chew down on thanks to the inclusion of the mushrooms, and of course, the farro which always makes a dish that much more nutty and chewy.

Make sure the lima beans are soaked and drained overnight, although don’t hesitate to use runner beans or even gigante beans instead if you have a few lying around and want to use them up as part of a hearty recipe.

4. Pickled Rice Tabbouleh

Pickle brine is one of those ingredients that will ramp up the flavor of virtually any dish you add it to, and it goes especially well with rice to add a very lively and almost zesty flavor that really helps the taste stand out as being incredibly unique.

The farro enhances the rice even more by adding a slightly earthy aroma along with much more crunchiness which pairs so elegantly with the massive amount of flavor that’s packed into each and every bite.

If you’re thinking of a big and satisfying meal to prepare as part of a dinner party and want to really demonstrate your cooking prowess to your guests, this rice-based dish is a perfect choice.

5. Black Bean Burgers

These burgers may be imitations of their beef counterparts, but the black beans and roasted red pepper spread makes them taste just as good, if not better than the real thing, perfect for cooking up for a celebration or party when you don’t want to stick with the same old hamburgers.

While the addition of the basil and cilantro is optional, we would definitely recommend incorporating them even if it’s just a little bit so that you can really bring out the underlying flavor of the beans while also making them a little spicier in the process.

6. Cheesy Farro And Tomato Risotto

Serving multiple people at a time and ready in just 40 minutes, this classy dish combines a cup and a half of farro with Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese to create a creamy texture that makes for quite the sensation when it’s time to tuck in.

Of course, this recipe also makes full use of the earthy and very potent flavor of the minced garlic cloves and canned tomatoes to help make it a little more refreshing and lightweight, so if you have a few hungry mouths to feed at once, this is a cheesy farro recipe you really can’t go far wrong with.

7. Whole Grain Pancakes With Blackberries

While you can use virtually any whole grain to prepare pancakes, depending on how you want them to taste and the firmness of the texture, if you like them to be a little nuttier, farro is the best option, especially when paired with the juicy sweetness of the blackberries.

With that being said, you can choose any fruit that you enjoy the taste of the most to rest over the top of these firm and chewy pancakes, however, the sweeter they are, the better since this will help to even out the bitterness of the farro.

8. Grain Bowls With Chicken, Spiced Chickpeas, And Avocado

If you’ve never tried the combination of chickpeas and farro before, you’re missing out on a crunchy combination that is made all the more flavorful when you turn the chickpeas spicy by using a little cumin and cayenne pepper, which is exactly what this recipe does.

These are just a few of the ingredients packed into this big bowl of nutritional goodness which can be enjoyed at really any part of the day when you feel like tucking into a meaty and creamy snack to keep you going throughout the day.

Whether it’s a fulfilling breakfast option or a protein-filled treat to snack on after a lengthy workout, feel free to whip this bowl up when your stomach starts to grumble and you want something tasty and healthy to enjoy.

9. Spanish Farro

While farro is often used as a smaller ingredient which compliments a much bigger recipe full of more tasteful and juicier ingredients, this Spanish cuisine actually puts the farro front and center and glazes them over with a multitude of different tasty ingredients, making it so hard to resist once you try it for the first time.

While the ancho and chipotle chili powders definitely add a very noticeable heat to the grains, the inclusion of smooth and creamy chicken broth, along with tomato paste help to balance the overall flavor out and keep it from ever being too hot or unbearable.

The few tablespoons of butter are also enough to help ease out the fiery nature of the chili to create a satisfyingly crunchy bowl packed full of nutrition that is such a joy to chew on.

10. Farro And Lentil Masala

In many ways, farro and lentil are very similar to one another, to the point where you could easily switch one out for the other.

They both have a crunchy texture and nutty flavor, and are both very small in stature, so when you combine them together, they bounce off one another effortlessly, adding an immense amount of nutritional value and taste to any recipe they are a part of, including this masala dish.

Many people will actually turn down trying a masala because of how spicy they can often be, but this recipe makes sure to dial the heat down just a little to make the meal a lot more accessible which is primarily owed to the light, soft, and refreshing vegetable broth.

When picking up a bag of farro for this recipe, we would highly recommend using semi-pearled farro which has a milder flavor and doesn’t pop out as much, since this will ensure the combination between the farro and lentil never overpowers the masala.


Farro can be found easily in nearly every food store nowadays, and since it can be used to create so many delicious and mouthwatering recipes, it’s always worth picking up a bag and making a meal yourself, even if it’s just because you’re curious.

Additionally, while it’s incredibly tasty and provides a crunchy and nutty texture to any recipe, farro is also an extremely cheap grain compared to many of its counterparts, making it even more ideal.

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