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Melted dark chocolate flow

9 Substitutes for Choco Bake for the Perfect Chocolate Desserts

We’ve all tried making rich and moist brownies with Nestle’s Choco Bake, and the results were simply unmatched. Yet, sadly, this zero-sugar variety of baking chocolate was discontinued in 2014 to the dismay of chocolate-loving bakers in the United States! So, what is a suitable substitute for Choco Bake to use in your chocolate-based desserts? […]

7 Best Banneton Substitutes

Picture this: you’re standing in the kitchen, ready to bake a crusty homemade bread, only to find out you don’t have one of the crucial tools—the banneton. Don’t fret about it, though. We’ll unveil seven banneton substitutes that help you proceed with your bread-making journey. From regular bowls to kitchen towels, keep reading for all

Kneading dough in mixing bowl, butter and flour

Beurre Manie vs. Roux: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re making a stew, sauce, or soup, you want to create that creamy and rich consistency. Luckily, adding thickening agents like roux and beurre manie does the trick. Now, you’re probably wondering, “What’s the difference?” Well, both mixtures differ in preparation, variations, and ease of creation. While they serve the same purpose and offer

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Can You Use an Ooni in a Garage?

You’re ready to fire up your Ooni and serve delicious pizza to your family. But as luck would have it, it starts raining cats and dogs. Cooking your pizza in the stovetop oven just won’t do, so you think of another idea: moving your Ooni into the garage and cooking the pizza there. But this

Red Potatoes

Are Red Potatoes Naturally Red?

When it comes to eye-catching potato varieties, the red-skinned ones definitely come to mind. Thanks to their vibrant colors, those starchy vegetables can add a delightful pop to any dish. One question that may arise when shopping for these tuber varieties is: are red potatoes naturally red? That’s what we’ll explore in this article. From

Veal Milanese with lemon and fresh vegetable salad, closeup

What Is the Best Veal Stock Substitute? 

So, you’re making a recipe that calls for veal stock and you don’t have any, huh? Well, that can be a problem! The good news is that you won’t have to give up on making the desired recipe. There are many excellent substitutes you can go for. So, what’s the best veal stock substitute? And

Bunch of frozen shrimps, closeup

Should Frozen Shrimp Smell Fishy?

So you got a bargain on a huge bag of shrimp last week, but when you get it out of the freezer, you can’t stand the fishy smell. Now you’re wondering, should frozen shrimp smell fishy? Generally, shrimp and other seafood shouldn’t smell when frozen. In case your shrimp are smelling too hard, there’s a