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Guacamole deconstructed

What Does Deconstructed Mean in Cooking?

Whether you’re a beginner chef, you’re looking for new recipes to try out, or have dined out in the past couple of years, you’ve probably heard of deconstructed food. The latest dining trend is unavoidable, but what does deconstructed mean in cooking? Deconstructing food is basically simplifying a dish to its main ingredients, then presenting


Do Vegetarians Eat Eggs?

Unless you are vegetarian or have someone very close to you who is vegetarian, you probably know vegetarian diets by the definition that they do not eat particular animal products. However, you do not likely know where most vegetarians draw the line.  Almost all vegetarians will avoid meat products, but where do eggs sit with

What Is A Sous Chef?

What Is A Sous Chef?

When it comes to professional kitchens and restaurants, there are all kinds of different roles that you can take on. Each of them have their own specific tasks and it’s especially important that each person knows exactly what their role is – after all, kitchens are high-pressure environments where there isn’t a lot of time