Grilled Chili Lime Corn Salad

chili lime corn salad

One of my favorite parts of summer is fresh corn on the cob. We have a little stand just down the street that sells farm fresh corn and there is nothing better than fresh picked corn. Whenever we have a potluck or BBQ to attend in the summer, I often go straight for a corn dish to share because they are simple, seasonal, quick and delicious. I've previously shared is one of my favorite Corn Salad recipes, but this  grilled chili lime corn salad is making a run for the title of "favorite corn … [Read more...]

Neighborhood Cupcake Wars

Neighborhood Cupcake Wars

Yesterday evening was our first ever neighborhood Cupcake Wars. A cute neighbor girl begged her mom to have a cupcake decorating contest for all her friends. She was very specific that she did not want the "adults making everybody a winner" but wanted a "real contest." So all the girls about her age in the neighborhood were invited to compete. The prize? A feature on a real live blog. (And it is a little funny that this is a real live blog.) The format? The host provided cupcakes and … [Read more...]

Pioneer Cookies

Pioneer Cookies

A couple of weeks ago, my husband and I got to go on a church youth activity called Pioneer Trek. Pioneer Trek has a special place in our hearts because that it where we met and our love story began. But that is a story for another time. If you are nodding your head and know exactly what is going on or just want to know about these pioneer cookies, then great, keep reading. If you are wondering what the hey-ho this Pioneer Trek is, you may want to skip past the cookie part and I'll explain a … [Read more...]

Froached Eggs- Foolproof Way to Cook Sunny Side Up Eggs

Froached Eggs

Are you in the over easy or sunny side up egg lovers club? I am. I love soaking up the yolk with heavily buttered toast. I think I could eat it every morning.  If you don't like runny eggs, then move along. Achieving the perfect egg is not so easy. You can end up with a overcooked, non runny yolk, or runny yolks, but also runny white (yuck!), or a broken yolk (which is most tragic of all.)  I have tried many ways to perfect the perfect Sunny Side Up Egg (it's part of our website's motto, … [Read more...]

Mortician Bridal Shower Cookies- Weirdest Cookies Ever!

mortician theme bridal shower

I think anybody who makes cookies like me has had some strange requests. Sometimes it's a family's inside joke, sometimes the request is more racy than PG. It is just par for the course. A little while ago I got, perhaps, the strangest request of all time. And it came from none other than my mother. She and a couple ladies from her neighborhood were throwing a bridal shower and she wanted me to make some cookies for it. She explained she needed  cookies for a mortician theme bridal shower. … [Read more...]