Learning to Embrace Sentimentality


I am SUPER sentimental.   There ...  I admitted it.   I have been sentimental all my life. But for many years I tried to suppress it.  You see, sentimental feelings made me uncomfortable.  I interpreted them as weakness and vulnerability.  The dictionary defines sentimental as "resulting from feeling rather than from reason or thought."  And since I prided myself on being a rational person and a deep thinker, I didn't want to be sentimental  But as I have grown older, I have learned … [Read more...]

Self Preservation through Selective Memory


 A memorable incident that I’m grateful I forgot … move along. I just got back from taking my kids to their semi-annual dental check-up.  All but one of my eight kids had no cavities.  I left the office feeling pretty good about that. As I was driving home, I suddenly remembered the previous dental visit that had taken place six months ago ... a visit I’m grateful I forgot. It was springtime and my kids were enjoying the sunshine.  They had been playing outside for a while and I … [Read more...]

As a Man Thinketh


A man is what he thinks about all day long. Ralph Waldo Emerson The central principle behind affirmations is that the thoughts I choose to think are powerful.  Although I have always believed that this was true, I also sort of found it be cliché or even overstated and unrealistic. But my journey has brought me to the conclusion that my thoughts are the fruit of my consciousness and the seed of my circumstances. If I become master of my thoughts I will find all that I seek. I love the proverb, … [Read more...]

Creative Coping Strategies


You don't always get what you want.  I'm just telling you the truth.  Sometimes things go very differently than you would like them to.  And in order to survive, you have to develop some strategies for coping with those times of discouragement, disappointment and despair. You definitely have to cope with times when the cooking spray runs out when you are trying to make yourself an egg, which is the only thing you know how to cook, and your mom hasn't made breakfast yet.  This is just what … [Read more...]

Learning to Love the Skin You are in

Birthday 35

 "We just get better looking with age" –Diane “The older the better” –Edith My daughter Jane has always been small for her age.  We don’t usually notice her size because her personality fills the room. But when she stands next to her peers, it is apparent that she is unusually small.  She plays on her school basketball team and nearly drowns in her uniform.  Last Thursday she brought home the new team warm-up suit I paid $40 for.  Although it was an XS, it looked much too big.  When she put it … [Read more...]