Mortician Bridal Shower Cookies- Weirdest Cookies Ever!

mortician theme bridal shower

I think anybody who makes cookies like me has had some strange requests. Sometimes it's a family's inside joke, sometimes the request is more racy than PG. It is just par for the course. A little while ago I got, perhaps, the strangest request of all time. And it came from none other than my mother. She and a couple ladies from her neighborhood were throwing a bridal shower and she wanted me to make some cookies for it. She explained she needed  cookies for a mortician theme bridal shower. … [Read more...]

Lemon Tarragon Pasta Salad – Perfect for Showers

lemon tarragon pasta salad

This salad belongs at every single shower ever held. It is quintessential shower food. It is the definition of shower. I had this salad at a baby shower (the one these cookies came from) and I loved it. I'm generally not a pasta salad fan. But this stuff was divine. I got the recipe and have since served it at showers and recommended others serve it at showers. It is great no matter what time of day. Having a mid morning shower? The lemon keeps this feeling light. Having an afternoon … [Read more...]

Crazy Good Chick-Fil-A Style Chicken Nuggets

chick fil a style chicken nuggets

I have a slight love affair with  Chick-Fil-A. Mostly it's their lemonade. I can't get enough of the stuff. It's my liquid weakness. But, I also really like their chicken. Sandwiches, nuggets, strips. They seem simple enough, but they are sorta magical. Well, I've tried a few copy cats and have been impressed. Crazy impressed. This will sound weird, but the thing that makes me love this particular recipe, is also the thing that makes me say it is Chick Fil A "style" recipe and not a … [Read more...]

Healthier Banana Crumb Muffins

healthier banana crumb muffins

School is almost out for summer, and can I say, I'm just done. Getting kids ready for school that is. It is a battle I'm done waging. I don't want to convince people to eat quicker or to get dressed or to take off their swimming suit in favor of actual clothes. I am particularly done making breakfast. For a while, I tried.  I really did. But I'm even sick of feeding them cereal. Muffins. They are the answer. Make them the day before.  Then everybody can just wake up and eat them with a … [Read more...]

Make Your Own CTR Cookie Cutter

make your own ctr cookie cutter

There is one cookie that I make more than any other cookie. It is hands down the CTR cookie. (CTR is basically the LDS equivalent to WWJD and I make them A LOT for LDS Baptisms.) I wrote a tutorial  on making your very own CTR cookies a while back.  Last week my cookies were featured on and I've gotten tons of questions especially about the CTR cookie cutter. My original cookie cutter came from Deseret Book. It is great and I love it. However, it is pretty … [Read more...]