How to Prepare Spaghetti Squash- Using a Pressure Cooker

how to prepare spaghetti squash

I started writing a recipe for spaghetti squash, but decided first I should help you out so you actually know how to prepare spaghetti squash. These instructions use a pressure cooker, which I have discovered is the quick way to cook it and it gives it a nice texture. First wash your squash. Is it a problem if the squash has a brown spot on it??? Nope. That's just where the squash was sitting on the ground and is a good sign.   Next break off the stem if it's long at all. If … [Read more...]

SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone

santa hat

Yesterday our little Eve excitedly shared something she learned from her school teacher Deborah Clark, who learned it from an awesome Cub Scout Master Crystal Lowder. SANTA = Serve And Never Tell Anyone. When I heard it, I immediatly knew it was something special, something true. There is magic in the name of Santa. That magic comes largely from the fact that he is never seen on Christmas Eve, never caught in the act. He comes in the quiet of the night, without fanfare. His … [Read more...]

Chalkboard Christmas Cookies

christmas cookies

Every  year I make a set of Christmas cookies. These are my Christmas cookies for 2016.  In the past, I have made a variety of cookies. Lots of colors, lots of variety.  This year I wanted to be more simple. And I wanted to avoid the fru fru Christmas characters, like Santa and Rudolph. There is nothing wrong with those, but this year, I wanted to focus on the Savior.  As my kids get older, I find it is hard to keep the focus on the true reason for Christmas. It's … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

thanksgiving leftover sandwich

Everybody knows that it is a requirement  to eat a leftover sandwich the day after Thanksgiving. Usually it consists of a roll with turkey, maybe cranberry sauce and if you're really adventurous, other leftovers. Last year, I had an insanely brilliant idea. To ditch the roll and use stuffing for the bread in the sandwich. It's kinda an Inception concept. We're turning the bread, that was destructed to make stuffing back into bread for a sandwich.  I tried a few ways to form the … [Read more...]

A popcorn tip you need before making caramel corn

popcorn tip

  Yumm! This big bowl of white chocolate coated popcorn looks  innocent and delicious, but lurking within is an unspeakable danger. We all accept the risk every time we eat popcorn. Eating popcorn is the best. But you do know what isn't the best?  Breaking your tooth on an errant unpopped kernel. I once worked for a dentist and he said that popcorn and Jolly Rancher candies kept him in business. If you are just making a bowl of buttered popcorn, then it isn't such a huge deal … [Read more...]