Summer Study Ideas: Books to Beat the Summer Brain Drain


I am giddy for summer. I absolutely love having my kids home ... for about two months. After two months, they start getting on each others nerves and making a LOT of noise.  By the time school starts again, I am giddy to send them back.  But for now, I can't wait to have them all home. One of my goals it to raise kids who LOVE LEARNING.  And for those of us who don't home school, summer is the best time to make this happen. I have tried a lot of different things to keep my kids … [Read more...]

Fifteen Minutes to Parenting Success


I did something really noteworthy yesterday.  I played hide-and-seek. My little Josh was IT.  He covered his eyes.  Meggie and I hid in the shower while Josh counted “One…Two…Three... Four… Five… Six…. Eleben.  Ready or not, here I come!" “WHERE COULD THEY BE?” he hollered as he marching right past the bathroom.  Meggie and I giggled a little ... and then it happened.  I stumbled into the faucet and down poured the cold water. Our shrieks gave us away. Josh ran into the room, pulled … [Read more...]

Mom on Strike

Mom on Strike 2

My husband appreciates me…  When I was in the hospital after giving birth to Joshua, Mike brought our seven other children in to meet their new brother.  At that time he said to me in a humorous tone, "I don't want to be the mom anymore.  I just want to go to work." Even though he did a great job taking care of things in my absence, he let me know that my job was difficult and he appreciated me. The thing is, though, he might be the only person in this house who knows how much work it is to … [Read more...]

Spinning My Wheels

Spinning My Wheels Blog Pic 2

A few weeks ago, I was talking to a friend who loves biking … mountain biking, road biking, everything biking.  Her enthusiasm was palpable.  During the course of our conversation, I told her that I, too, loved biking.  She asked what kind of bike I rode, to which I truthfully responded, “I don’t own a bike right now, but I really love spin class at the gym.”  (I faithfully attend spin class three times each week where I pedal for an hour in the dark to trendy music. What could be better, … [Read more...]

As a Man Thinketh


A man is what he thinks about all day long. Ralph Waldo Emerson The central principle behind affirmations is that the thoughts I choose to think are powerful.  Although I have always believed that this was true, I also sort of found it be cliché or even overstated and unrealistic. But my journey has brought me to the conclusion that my thoughts are the fruit of my consciousness and the seed of my circumstances. If I become master of my thoughts I will find all that I seek. I love the proverb, … [Read more...]