The Local Low Down For Cookie Con 2017

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Can you believe Cookie Con is almost here?!? As a local Salt Lake Cookier, I wanted to share some info that might make your life better!


You have a few options in getting yourself from the SLC airport to the Hilton Hotel. What you choose depends on how cray-cray you went on your luggage.


Trax is our light rail system. If you can walk a block dragging all your crap, then I would recommend Trax as the cheapest and easiest option.

It costs $2.50 for a one way fare. You pay at a self-serve kiosk near the station.

Here is where to find the Trax station at the airport.

cookie con airport

It leaves from the airport every 15 minutes on the weekdays, and every 20 minutes on the weekends. It starts at 6:00 AM until 10:30 PM

Good news, there is only one line (green) that goes to the airport. So you don’t have to worry about getting on the wrong train!

Here is a map of the lines. You will just stay on the train for 9 stops until the Gallivan Plaza stop.

cookieconTRAX Map

(Jump down to navigating SLC for help finding out how to get to the hotel.)


If you brought a bit too much luggage to lug, then a taxi might be your best bet. Especially if you get nervous trying to navigate by yourself. It should cost you no more than $25 (without tip), since the hotel is within a contracted rate area (make sure your driver KNOWS, that you KNOW that is shouldn’t be more than $25.)

The Hilton Hotel address is 255 South West Temple

Uber and Lyft

Both are legit at SLC airport. Use the app and wait for them in the designated pick up areas outside Terminals 1 and 2. 

Again the Hilton Hotel’s address is 255 South West Temple


There are a couple private shuttle options. I don’t know too much about these. But here is one option to check out. This one drops you off at North Temple and West Temple, about 3 1/2 blocks from the hotel. They charge about $4.00 depending on the time of day.


Ole’ Brigham Young was sort of a genius and laid out SLC in a grid pattern. Everything is very neatly organized in blocks. The starting point is Temple Square.

So, the road West of Temple Square is West Temple. The road South of Temple Square is South Temple. The road North of Temple Square is North Temple and the road East of Temple Square is…State Street  (we couldn’t be perfect, you know.) After you know those streets and can tell which direction you are facing, then you can find almost ANYTHING.

Each street is numbered  200 East, 300 East, 400 East, 100 West, 200 West, 300 West. Or 100 South, 200 South, 300 South, 400 South and so on and so forth.  (There are just a few tricks, like State Street is 100 East and Broadway is sometimes called 300 South.)

(Some people say  1st South, 2nd South, 3rd South etc, that is the same as 100 South, 200 South, 300 South.)

If you need to know which way you are facing, then look for the big giant mountains. Those are East (If they are far away, tinier mountains, then you are looking West.)

Here’s a little map of Downtown. Notice the lovely grid?Cookie Con SLC Map43

To Get to the Hotel from Trax

When you get off the train,  you will cross Main Street to the West (away from the big mountains and crossing to the opposite side of the train where you exited.) Turn left and walk until you hit 300 South. Then head a block West (away from the big mountains) until you get to West Temple. Now you will turn right and walk until you hit the hotel in half a block. (Follow the little purple arrows.)

Getting Around Downtown

There is an area in downtown that you can ride the Trax for free. That area is outlined in blue on the map. This means if you enter and exit the train within this zone, it is free!

Another fun way to get around town is GreenBike. You rent a bike at one of a number of stations, ride it where you want (within 30 minutes), and return it to any other station around town. There are several stations really close to the hotel. And, it says it tracks your calories! So you know how much you can eat when you get to lunch. Win! A 24-Hour pass is $7, a 4- day pass is $15.


There is a great grocery store nearby. You can stock up on snacks and any supplies you may have forgotten.

Harmon’s (135 East 100 South) (circled on the map)

There is Spencer’s and Trofi inside the hotel. I’ve never been, but they sound good. There is also a Starbucks in the hotel.

There are tons of great restaurants within walking or trax distance of the Hotel. Some great local places are:

Sit Down, Fancy-pants

Takashi (18 West Market Street -Between 300 and 400 South) Fantastic Sushi $$$

Caffe Molise (55 West 100 South) Italian to die for $$

Bambara (202 South Main) New American Bistro $$$

Tin Angel (365 South 100 West)- Sit Down restaraunt, in a little sketchy* neighborhood, but the food is excellent! $$$ *See Safety Info for a definition of “sketchy.”

Copper Onion (111 East Broadway- aka 300 South) American $$$

Market Street Grill and Oyster Bar (48 West Market Street – Between 300 and 400 South) Seafood $$$

The Roof (15 East South Temple)  Great view of Temple Square $$ (No booze at this place)

The Little America (500 South Main Street) They have a crazy Sunday Brunch, but it’s pricey. It isn’t in the free fare zone of Trax. $$$


Sit Down, but no fancy pants

The Blue Iguana (165 South West Temple) Casual Mexican Food $

Taste Red Iguana (28 South State Street) There is a little feud over which color of iguana is best :)

Sawadee (754 East South Temple) A little way from downtown, but great Thai food $

Settabello Pizza (260 South 200 West) Napoletano (thin crust, wood fired) Style Pizza $

Lamb’s Grill (169 South Main) One of Utah’s oldest Restaurants. Has Breakfast, lunch and dinner. $$


Quick Bite, but not fast food

Les Madelines (216 East 500 South) $ Pastry shop with coffee and sandwiches. Kouing Aman may be the best pastry you’ve ever eaten!

Caputo’s (314 West 300 South) -Deli with great sandwiches and salads $

The Lion House (63 East South Temple) This was Brigham Young’s home. Cafeteria style meal $.

Gourmandise (250 South 300 East) Sandwiches and pastry! Oh the pastry! $

Apollo Burger (379 South Main Street) A nice greasy burger. They are yummy!  Okay this one might qualify as fast food, but not a big chain. $

Crown Burgers (377 East 200 South or 188 North 300 West) Another crazy good burger place. They have Utah fry sauce! $

Kneaders (City Creek Shopping Center) Sandwiches and salads, great desserts $

Himalayan Kitchen (360  South State Street)- Indian and Nepalese food. $


Bars and Pubs 

Red Rock Brewing (254 South 200 West) 

Lumpy’s Sports Bar (145 West Pierpont Ave-between 200 and 300 South)

Poplar Street Pub (242 South 200 West)

Squatter’s Brewery (147 West Broadway – 300 South)

Gracie’s (326 South West Temple)

The Green Pig (31 East 400 South)

Whiskey Street (323 South Main Street)


Healthy Options

Zest (275 South 200 West) Healthy food options in a sit down restaurant  $$

Blue Lemon (In City Creek Center) Quick food with healthy options $

Harmon’s Grocery Store also has a nice salad bar $

Kneaders and Caputo’s (see above) also have salad options. $


City Creek Shopping Center  has some fast food options, like McDonalds, Jimmy John’s, Sbarro, Subway and Chil Fil A. Carl’s Junior is the nearest fast food.

There are several chains around like PF Changs, Benihana, Olive Garden, Buca De Beppo, Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris.


We have some weird liquor laws in Utah.  Sorry, I can’t help too much, since I’m a tee-totaling Mormon. This is what I know, you can buy beer at the grocery stores (but you can’t buy it after a certain time or on Sundays), you have to buy any bottles of alcohol (wine, liquors and “full strength” beer) at the State Liquor Store.  There is one fairly close to the hotel (205 West  400 South.) (Circled on the map.) 

Most sit down restaurants have beer/wine menus.

Here’s some more info.


Temple Square  has lots of activities like tours of the grounds, visitor centers, organ recitals in the Tabernacle at noon every day except Sunday, eating, watching Meet the Mormons.)

You can watch the Tabernacle Choir rehearse on Thursday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. It’s free and you don’t need a ticket.

You can’t go inside the Temple, but you can see a model of the inside at one of the visitor centers!

You can’t visit Salt Lake City without visiting Temple Square. It’s a law. 😉

Conference Center  has tours. This is the huge gathering place for worldwide LDS (Mormon) church meetings. (60 West North Temple)

Utah State Capitol There are tours and a few museums surrounding the capitol. It’s a little bit of a hike up the hill, but you need the exercise anyway. (350 North State Street)

Family History Library If you have any interest in Geneology or Family history, this is THE PLACE TO BE! People come here from all over the world to find out about their ancestors. (35 North West Temple)

Gallivan Center They have food truck Thursday at noon and a free concert Thursday night starting at 7:30PM. Unfortunately, it sounds like their outdoor skating rink will be closed :(  (239 Main Street)

Traditional Movie Theaters at the Gateway Shopping Center (165 South Rio Grande Street).

Broadway Centre Cinema (111 East Broadway –aka 300 South–) is the home of the Salt Lake Film Society and has more independent type films.

Downtown Salt Lake City Public Library (210 East 400 South) This place has some cool architecture and the Leonardo Museum is right next door. (209 East 500 South) They have some crazy cool exhibits.



City Creek is a FANTASTIC shopping mall close to the hotel. They have everything from Tiffany & Co. to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory to Disney.

There is also the Gateway Shopping center. This has some 2002 Olympic significance, but is a little more run down than City Creek.  There is a Children’s Museum and Planetarium in this shopping center. 

Both shopping centers have food!

Orson H. Gygi (Or Gygi’s) is a great cooking store. The ladies from Blyss cookies teach classes there and they have helped them get cookier specific items in stock. They have an entire wall of cookie cutters!

If you can make it to their event Friday night, then do it! It is a bit of a trek to their store (you can’t walk there, and the trax isn’t a really great option either :(

(There may be a shuttle this year, but I haven’t heard details.)

Their address is 3500 South 300 West, SLC



If you’re feeling adventurous, there are 10 ski resorts within one hour of downtown. This will take a bit of planning and time on your part. The SNOW HAS BEEN CRAAAAZZZY this year, so it’d be a great year to go!

Unfortunately in March, the hiking is likely limited by the snow. There is a nice park and walking/running trail near the hotel called Memory Grove/City Creek Canyon (enter at the corner of North Temple and State Street.)


March in Utah can be a bit unpredictable. Some days are in the 60’s and sunny. Some days are snowy. I would certainly be prepared for chilly weather. You will need long pants and jackets at night most assuredly, even if it’s sunny during the day. You may need a coat, if it’s gonna snow.

My best advice is to check the weather about a week before you come to see what is predicted. (I’ll post it on the Facebook site.)

And just for your gee wiz file, you will be at an altitude of 4,226 feet.


Downtown SLC is generally very safe. I feel safe walking alone almost anywhere during daylight hours. That being said, you will encounter pan-handlers almost everywhere! That makes some people feel uncomfortable, but I wouldn’t consider it a safety issue. At night, I feel comfortable in a group (of even just 2 or 3 women.)

Of course, you should use common sense and listen to your instincts, but I wouldn’t spend to much time worrying.

There is one area that I would consider “sketchy.” Now my definition of sketchy, may be different than yours, so let me explain. There is a homeless shelter and other homeless services located somewhat close to the hotel. There is a fairly large population of homeless folks that hang out around those areas, especially in Pioneer Park. I kinda avoid that area unless I have a good reason to be there.  Luckily, there isn’t much reason for you to be in that particular area at this time of year.

It is marked on the map with in gray and the warning “Maybe don’t venture here.”

Did I forget anything? Let me know!


Did I forget anything? Let me know!

I’ll see you at Cookie Con!!!

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  1. Jaci says

    Good list. Some other Bars that have yummy eats are Gracie’s, Whiskey Street and The Green Pig. The Roof Resturant does not serve alcohol.

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