Neighborhood Cupcake Wars

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Yesterday evening was our first ever neighborhood Cupcake Wars. A cute neighbor girl begged her mom to have a cupcake decorating contest for all her friends. She was very specific that she did not want the “adults making everybody a winner” but wanted a “real contest.”

So all the girls about her age in the neighborhood were invited to compete. The prize? A feature on a real live blog. (And it is a little funny that this is a real live blog.)

cupcake wars

The format? The host provided cupcakes and icing and each guest was asked to bring some sprinkles, candy toppers or other decorations to contribute.

Nine girls competed. They had about 10 minutes to decorate two cupcakes with a theme of “Summer Fun.” Here were some of the entries.

Cupcake Wars

cupcake wars

They got to explain their design to the audience (which was full of siblings, eliminated contestants and parents) and judges.

Then the two “expert” judges (inheriting the title “expert” by being older than 10,)  had the nearly impossible task of choosing 5 contestants to move to the next round.   I’m glad I didn’t have to do that job, I just got to take pictures, but the hostess specifically wanted a “real contest.”

In the next round, the 5 contestants had about 10 minutes to decorate one cupcake with the theme of “Fun in the Sun.”

Here were some of their creations.

cupcake wars-001 cupcake wars

Two of the five remaining contestants were chosen to go to the final round. The theme was “Fun in the Summer.” Do you sense a theme here?

I was very impressed with the finalists. They were very creative and took great care in their creations.

cupcake wars cupcake wars-006

After a grueling round of judging, the winner was crowned.

Kate Q. was the winner, but boy, was it close. Sami S. was a close second! (I think Sami has a future in cake and cookie decorating, she was so creative.)

Here were Kate’s entries.

cupcake wars

Congratulations Kate and all the other contestants.


And thanks to the hosts. What a fun activity!!!



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