Mortician Bridal Shower Cookies- Weirdest Cookies Ever!

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I think anybody who makes cookies like me has had some strange requests. Sometimes it’s a family’s inside joke, sometimes the request is more racy than PG. It is just par for the course. A little while ago I got, perhaps, the strangest request of all time. And it came from none other than my mother.

She and a couple ladies from her neighborhood were throwing a bridal shower and she wanted me to make some cookies for it. She explained she needed  cookies for a mortician theme bridal shower.  What?!? Back the truck up! These are a bunch of super vanilla grandmas making this request,  not a bunch of goth hipsters. My mom has never seen an episode of the Walking Dead. I question if she even knows what the show is. So, needless to say, this was a stunning request.

The recipient of the shower was a young lady about to graduate with a degree in mortuary science. Therefore it was the only obvious choice for her bridal shower.

I set to work on the theme. It wasn’t easy. I wanted to keep it lighthearted and try to avoid the super gory. I did some research on Google and Pinterest and spent a lot of time just pondering. I came up with one cookie design at a time and it took a bit of time for it all to come together. This is what I came up with.

I present the weirdest cookies I’ve ever made! Mortician Bridal Shower Cookies:

mortician bridal shower cookies

When I got done, I was pretty happy. Then I panicked imagining the ladies in the neighborhood munching on a corpse foot cookie.

The family of the bride has an amazing sense of humor, so I knew they would get a kick out of them, but wasn’t sure about the other attendees.

I was SO happy to get a message later saying that everybody LOVED them and none of the grandma’s took issue with them. In fact, I even got an unexpected compliment at the community pool from a lifeguard who had attended the shower. Random!

Here’s a closer look at the set.

Coffin Cookie

There was this cute coffin that says “I’m empty without you” (I think these were my favorite.)

Headstone Wedding Cookie

And a headstone that says “Jonny & Michelle Dying to be together since 2014″ (Why did I ever try to pipe all those teensy letters!)

The plaque cookies were an original quote, that I really think is going to catch on in the bridal world. I expect to see it in Bride Magazine at any time.

only true love and embalming last forever

“Only true love and embalming last forever”

The set was rounded off with some toe tagged feet with cutesy sayings and a heart with a stitched “y” incision. Airbrushing the cookies that color of bluish purple felt so wrong! (The heart cookies were inspired by a Montreal Confections tutorial.)

mortician bridal shower cookies

What is my reward for these cookies? My Pinterest board now populates with very, very unusual suggested pins about dead bodies. I’m probably on some government watch list.


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  1. mom says

    Oh Yes. These mortician-bridal shower cookies were a fabulous success from an amazingly creative cookie-a-teer! So what exactly IS the Walking Dead?

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