Royal Icing Transfer Flowers; Babies in Bloom Cookies

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This weekend was great! I got to attend a baby shower for my best friend. I just found out she was pregnant and it was a fabulous surprise.babies in bloom flower cookies

I was excited to make some cookies for the event. It’s been a little while since I’ve been inspired to make cookies. It is WAY more fun when you have a personal interest in the cookies.

The baby shower was unique because her family combined baby showers for three cousins. The theme of the shower was spring flowers.

So I thought it would be fun to make some baby flowers and also I thought the” babies in bloom” was a cute phrase, since babies are popping up all over the place in that family! Here is the whole spread.

babies in bloom cookies

Wood grained cookies are totally in right now. These are the first ones I’ve made. They aren’t terribly hard, but really have a wow factor.

Let’s talk royal icing transfer flowers.

I love making royal icing transfers. Especially for flowers. You can make 35,000 of each type and if you mess up most of them, it’s no big deal. Use the prettiest ones and the stress just melts away.

I had a lot of fun trying to create as many royal icing flowers as I could. Most people are familiar with swirl roses but some of the others were fun to create and come up with. I don’t have a huge number of specialty tips, so I tried to stick with flowers I could make with just round tips. (I do have a drop flower tip which I used.)

royal icing transfer flowers

Here is a photo step by step for making a few different types of flowers.

They are really pretty simple. And like I said before, you can make 35,000 and only use the prettiest ones.

It does seem like it would take a lot of time, especially since you have to let a little time pass between steps so the previous portion can  dry a little. But if you do a whole bunch of them, then by the time you’ve done one step for a whole bunch, you’re usually ready to go back to the beginning and start the next step.

I use a sheet of acetate to make my transfers. But parchment or wax paper works also.

babies in bloom flower cookies

I was really pleased with my babies in bloom cookies, especially the royal icing transfer flowers!

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