Sacrament Bread Activity

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sacrament bread activityI am in charge of our church group’s ten and eleven year-old Activity Day girls. These girls are full of energy and enthusiasm. It is fun to spend time with them. A few weeks ago, we had a really great activity that I wanted to share.

We made bread for the Sacrament.

I didn’t tell them what we were making. Only that we were baking something special and I had them bring their scriptures.

When they arrived, I gave them each a recipe card like this one. (But told them not to look at the back yet.)


sacrament Bread Recipe

Here’s a printable PDF version:

Sacrament Bread activity


I had them sit down and perform the ingredient hunt in their scriptures. (The only tricky one, was the yeast.  There is no “yeast” in the scriptures. Just “leavening” or “leavener.” I just explained that we used a different word now.)

Once they had found out what we were making and what the ingredients were,  we talked about the Sacrament. I told them that we were going to make this bread and donate it to be used on Sunday during the Sacrament.

They were so excited! I think it made them feel special and it made the Sacrament even more special. They were also blown away that somebody had to provide the bread each week. They had never considered that before. They just assumed it materialized out of the atmosphere. The anticipation for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday was killing them!

After our discussion, we went to the kitchen where they measured and added the ingredients and took turns kneading the dough. We set that aside to rise and I told them I would finish it later.

sacrament bread activity-001

I had made and baked a batch ahead of time.  We sliced one of the pre-made loaves and let them eat it with a little honey butter.  It was awesome.

I had contacted the people responsible for providing the bread that Sunday (which varies by Ward, but our Ward Greeters rotate bringing the bread.) When the batch the girls made was finished, I delivered the bread and it was used on Sunday. The girls were so proud.

This was an activity that helped them learn about the importance of the Sacrament (part of the requirements of Learning and Living the Gospel), the skill of bread making (Developing Talents) and the feeling of service (Serving Others) by providing the bread for the Sacrament. One of the most rewarding activities we’ve had!

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  1. Carolyn says

    What are the baking instructions for this? I am doing it today with my activity day girls and I don’t know how long to bake it for and what temp? Can you give me all of the instructions please? Thanks!

    • AnitaAnita says

      So sorry about that! I cook at 350 for about 40-45 minutes until golden brown.
      And I combine the wet ingredients and yeast first, then add the salt, then the flour a cup at a time until it is tacky, not sticky. Knead for about 5 minutes, then place in a greased loaf pan and bake as above.

  2. Lois Elwell says

    Love this idea and doing it today with my Activity Day Girls. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s easy to make fun to do and teaches them so much. Excited! ! !

  3. Bobbie says

    I’m a southern Baptist and was ok with the recipe until I got to 3 Nephi 12; 13. I don’t want to appear to be stupid, but what book and verse would that be in Baptist? This would be cool to do with girls no matter what religion we are!

    • AnitaAnita says

      It will last just fine in a plastic bag. We have our activities on Tuesday as well. You can also freeze it if you are concerned.

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