Spooky Eye Caramel Apples

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spooky eye caramel appleIt’s almost Halloween. Can you believe it??? I’ve been wrestling with the kids back and forth on costumes (my 5 year-old changes his mind every three minutes. First he wanted to be a Storm Trooper then an army man, then a shark, then Wolverine, Batman, Captain America, a pirate and so on.)

And I haven’t even bought any Halloween candy to pass out.

So, I’m kinda not prepared, at all.

I bought a bunch of apples a while ago and just haven’t had time to make one of my favorite fall treats. So when I wanted to make something fun and yummy for Halloween (instead of doing the things I SHOULD do,) it just made sense to combine the two.

So here they are. Spooky eye caramel apples.  Super fun. Super simple.

spooky eye caramel apple

To make the spooky eyes, I followed the instructions and pattern from the Bearfoot Baker.  Basically, you pipe little dots of black. Let them dry, the pipe little dots of white and put the dried black on the still wet white dots. She has a nice template to make the sizes stay similar.

If you don’t just happen to have a bunch of royal icing lying around, and you don’t want to make any, you can also purchase edible googly eyes. Wilton makes them and I bet you can find them in many stores at this time.

Once you have eyeballs, you make caramel apples using the instructions I shared in 10 tips for perfect caramel apples.

When you have spread some chocolate on the caramel, let it set up for a minute (but before it looses its shine) start placing your spooky googly eyes all around the apple. spooky eye caramel appleI wasn’t too careful about applying the chocolate. Since it was supposed to be a spooky apple, I didn’t want it looking toooo nice (or I was just being lazy.)

spooky eye caramel apple

These were super fun and the kids got a big kick out of them!

Happy Halloween everybody! (Anybody got a Storm Trooper, Wolverine, Army Guy, shark, Captain America, pirate costume I can borrow?)


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