Mountain Peak Cookies

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A few months ago, I got a commission to create cookies from a neighbor. Her request was not typical. No baby shower or birthday cookies here. She wanted cookies with a mountain scene for a work conference.

This was the logo and what I had to work with.  She specifically requested no writing on the cookie. They were okay with either realistic or cartoon-ish mountains.

Mountain Logo

I love the mountains in this photo, but I also love the wild flowers and grass in the foreground.

I had a while to stew on the concept and was really wasn’t sure how I was going to make mountain peak cookies. It’s sort of an artsy request. Google was no help at all! That is where I usually start. But, I had a few ideas and I made several practice attempts to get the right design.

All the cookies started with a smooth white icing canvas.

I first tried trying to paint the different shades of the mountain range. That was a fail when I remembered I can’t paint. Also, painted cookies leave painted mouths. You probably don’t want that at a professional conference.

Next, I tried making the mountains with brush embroidery. They were pretty good and I thought that was the way I was going to go until…

On a whim, I decided to pipe simple shadows of a mountain range. Voila! That was it. It was more easily recognizable as a mountain range. Simple, but powerful. I added some grassy grass and little dots of colors for the wild flowers. Then I painted on some really thin blue icing for the sky to give it a wispy texture.

I ended up loving the design!

Mountain Peak Cookie

I hope they love it also!

Mountain Range Cookies

I have given you a little glimpse into the creative process of making a cookie!

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    • AnitaAnita says

      Aww thanks! They better eat them, though. Otherwise somebody’s gonna have a bunch of stale cookies.

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