Roadrunner Cookies

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This week has been spirit week at my daughter’s school. You know the drill: crazy hair day, crazy sock day, pajama day, jersey day and school color’s day.roadrunner cookies

I signed up to make treats for the teachers and staff at the school. Their mascot is the Roadrunner. For some crazy reason I decided I would make them Roadrunner cookies. It took about 3 times as long as I planned.

Roadrunner cookies

One good thing that came out of these cookies, was experimenting with dipping cookies.  A friend posted this video, not too long ago, about dipping, not piping cookies. I’ve tried it once before with no success, but with this time, it worked like a charm.

I dipped the little stars and circles and also the white backgrounds of the roadrunners.  Game changer!  I think I will dip all my cookies when I just doing a white background for a design on top. So much faster and easier.

Thanks Natalie!

I think the teachers enjoyed the cookies. And my daughter was so excited to take them to school. She asked all the teachers if they had eaten one the cookies she brought.

roadrunner cookies

Go Roadrunners!

Here’s a link to Natalie’s blog in case you want to see more of her talents.

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