Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, snowflake cookies

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I like snow in December. It fills the time before Christmas with anticipation. It makes the world prettier. And the kids love it. But this year, we have seen zero snow. None. And I live in a climate where snow is normal. It’s 60 degrees outside today.   (Which is really nice, but I miss the snow.)

In order to entice the snow gods, I made some snowflake cookies. I will seriously be bummed if we don’t have a white Christmas.

Snowflakes 2

Can I just say that I’m in love with these? Not to be too narcissistic, but sometimes you are just happy with how things turn out. (And sometimes, you hate, hate, hate the way your cookies turn out.)

Snowflakes and I are frenemies. I love symmetry. And snowflakes are super in that department. Except, that it’s hard to create symmetry by hand. And so, sometimes when I finish snowflakes, I’m just bothered because they aren’t perfectly symmetrical.

But I actually ended up loving the snowflakes with curved lines. I normally wouldn’t have even tried something with curvy lines.

Snowflake cookies

I got to do more experimenting with my airbrush. It’s such a fun new gadget. I just flooded the cookies white, then airbrushed the color. I love how the blue ones have a gradation to their color.

The only bummer is that the red bled into the white lines. Which, is a little sad, but it’s okay. I’m still in love with these.

Snowflake cookies

Here’s to hoping for a little snow in December. I just gotta be careful what I wish for. I hate snow in February.

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