DOTS (Depending on the Savior) Cookies

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DOTS Cookies

I am the Young Women’s President in my church group. This week we had our annual Evening of Excellence where the young women display and explain value projects they have been working on throughout the year. (If you aren’t familiar with these terms, they are programs in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a.k.a. Mormon church.)

The theme of our Evening of Excellence was DOTS (Depending on the Savior.)

Talk about an uplifting night! We listened to a speaker who told about her small decisions early in life that helped her learn to depend on the Savior. These experiences were ones the girls might be experiencing right now in their lives.  She told us how those small decisions led up to a time in her life where she had a major trial. Her first baby was born way too early and did not survive. She was heartbroken, but had already had experience trusting in and depending on the Lord. She told us of her experience and the tender mercies of our Heavenly Father. She testified that the Savior has the power to make us stronger and to make us perfect, but we have to allow him to. It was truly inspirational.

We listened to the girls describing their projects. How cool is it that a bunch of teenage girls are trying to make themselves better and serve others? They are a really great bunch of girls. Their projects ranged from reading the Book of Mormon to planning a powder puff game to collect canned food for the food bank.

I made “dots” cookies in the colors of the young women values. They turned out cute and were really simple. I’m glad the theme was dots and not dodecahedrons or something.

The values of the Young Women program are


Divine Nature- Blue

Individual Worth- Red

Knowledge- Green

Choice and Accountability- Orange

Good Works- Yellow

Integrity- Purple

Virtue- Gold

What an awesome night and an awesome program. Thank you to all the Young Women for their projects and thank you to all the YW leaders who give up SO much of their time.

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