Fruit Fly Remedy

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*Warning* This post contains graphic material not suitable to people who are opposed to harming fruit flies.

Can I get an”amen” from all those whose houses have been invaded by fruit flies recently? I’ll wait a moment.

It’s that time of year when you bring inside all of nature’s bounty. Tomatoes, corn, peaches, melon, apples… But with it comes the common fruit fly, or annoyingus maximus* as the scientific world knows them.

I’m no fruit fly expert, but it seems the gestational period for a fruit fly is about 2.5 minutes. Because after you see the first fly, it only takes about 15 minutes before your house is filled with the little buggers. If you’ve ever spent a day canning tomatoes, you will know what I’m talking about.

I saw an easy, natural solution on Facebook. So I had to try it out to see if it would solve all my problems. And it didn’t solve all of them. But it did really help with the fruit flies. (Thanks Maegan)

Best of all it is easy and you probably already have the supplies.

You will need…

Fruit Fly Remedy

Um, give that back.

This is going to be harder than I thought.


Fruit Fly Remedy

And that, give that back.


Fruit Fly Remedy

For realsies. Stop it!


Fruit Fly Remedy

Okay, good enough.

Quickly before your baby steals all your stuff, gather a container, apple cider vinegar and hand dish soap.

Yup that’s it.

Fruit Fly Remedy

Pour the vinegar in your container. The apple cider vinegar will attract the fruit flies because it smells like decaying fruit. Yum!


Fruit Fly Remedy

Add a couple drops of dish soap. This will break the surface tension of the vinegar and the flies will immediately be sucked to their doom instead of being able to walk on the top of the vinegar (then fly off while sneering at you, because they aren’t dead.)

Place the trap in the kitchen. I put it where most of the fruit flies are congregating.

Then leave it alone. The fruit flies won’t see it coming. Sometimes, I go and wave my hand over the tomatoes or peaches, so the fruit flies start flying around again, and maybe change their target to the lovely pool of death.


This is the graphic part, where you should turn off your screen if you are squeamish.

Fruit Fly Remedy

Here’s what my container looked like after a few hours.

Maybe I’m heartless, but this just makes me happy.


I’d love to see your photos of death and fruit fly carnage. Send them to me!


*Not really their scientific name. Drosophila Melanogaster is the real deal, but that is a lame name in my opinion.


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