Oscar the Grouch Cookies

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Oscar the Grouch CookiesLast week was my baby’s first birthday. It was only fitting that we celebrate with some Oscar the Grouch Cookies. If you knew the kid, you would know why they are appropriate.

They turned out really cute and they weren’t all that hard to make. Here’s how to do it.

What you will need

-Black piping icing

-Black flood icing

-Red flood icing

-White flood icing

-Brown flood icing

-Army green 20-second icing

Get my royal icing recipe here.

Start with a round cookie, I used a three inch one.

(And please don’t mind that all these pictures are different colors. I am still figuring out how to take pictures at different times of day and keep the color consistent.)


Outline squiggly eyebrows


Then pipe the outline of a mouth and tongue


Add the outline of the eyes. Let outline dry for at least 60 minutes to minimize chance of the black bleeding into the other colors.

Use 20 second army green icing to make a jagged border and fill in the rest of Oscar’s face. (Ach, my picture is sideways) It is nice that he is kinda of a mangy looking creature because it doesn’t matter if your icing is a little bumpy and lumpy. It adds to the effect.

Fill the eyebrows with brown flood icing.

Flood the black part of the mouth with black flood icing.

Fill the tongue with red flood icing.

Fill the eyes with white flood icing. I added some detail on the eyebrows with some brown 20 second icing. This is optional.

I added some Slimey the Worm “1’s” to round out my Oscar the Grouch cookie platter.

Oscar the Grouch Cookies

Happy 1st birthday to my cutie pie!

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  1. jane randall says

    I saw these adorable cookies in person and they were awesome. HOWEVER, I also happen to know that Anita posted this although my computer tells me it was posted by Shawna. What’s up with that?

    • Shawna Morrissey says

      I am wondering what is being implied here. You don’t think I can make adorable cookies like these? Well … you are right. I don’t have the patience to be this creative, even though I can think of more than one child (of mine) for whom Oscar the Grouch cookies might be appropriate. 😉

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