Social Media-Free Summer Bucket List

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canstockphoto6490930I have a friend named Peggy. She is one of my absolute favorite people.

Do you know what makes Peggy so special? She just seems to know what is important in life and she doesn’t waste any time or money on things of no value.

Peggy and her husband are both brilliant engineers, but she put her career on hold to be a mom. Maybe it is that sacrifice that empowers her awareness of what really matters. Or maybe she was just born awesome.

Peggy adores her husband and kids. And when I say adore, I really mean it. They are everything to her. You can tell, because her eyes sparkle when she talks about them. And their eyes sparkle too. Whenever I am around her, I want to be a better mother and I want spend more quality time with the ones I love.

The other day Peggy sent me a picture of her toddler cooking in the kitchen with a big smile on his face.   Her caption was “Messes Make Memories.”

Have you ever considered what makes a memory? As I flip through my scrapbooks, I catch a glimpse.  Memories involve relationships.  I have very few memories of being alone. Memories are made when we slow down and live in the moment – when we make a conscious choice to be together with the ones we love, enjoying a shared experience.

I think sometimes we can get sucked into busyness and the allure of social media. We can be addicted to an idealized life, spending our moments planning and pinning rather than living and loving.

So here is my challenge, make yourself a social media-free bucket list of summer fun.

Here are ten easy ideas with no planning or pinning requried.  In fact, no electronic devices allowed!  And if you do these things with someone you love, their eyes will sparkle. I guarantee it!

1.  Run through the sprinklers.

2. Sleep out under the stars.

3.  Take a walk at sunset.

4.  Play night games.  

5.  Splash in puddles.

6.  Jump on the trampoline.

7.  Bake cookies.

8.  Play a board game.

9.  Roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

10. Take a picnic to the park.


 Carpe Diem!

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  1. Lela says

    Thank you Shawna! I really needed to read this today. I really get sucked into the busyness of work and moving, that I forget that my kids are only with me for a very short moment. I want to make the memories count while they are with me. Thanks again!

  2. says

    Such simple yet great tips. I love pinterest, I really do. But I just love the simplicity of grabbing a board game and playing that with my family without any prior planning or shopping needed. And you know what? They absolutely love it!

    • Shawna Morrissey says

      I love pinterest too. I just think sometimes my life passes by while I’m looking for ideas to make my life better. Especially while my kids are home for the summer, I’m trying to be more spontaneous and fun and less glued to my phone. Trying … :) Thanks for stopping by!

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