Last Day of School Tradition – Candy Bar Posters

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On the last day of school my kids run all the way home, not just because summer is starting but because they are excited to read & eat what is waiting for them at home.  Each year I make my kids candy bar posters that sum up the year and tell them know how proud we are of them.  And since I have eight kids, this takes a lot of candy.

Lots of Candy

I purchased a box of 36 Mars candy bars on sale at Costco for $13.  I also used coupons at Fred Meyer and bought the rest for $9.  I purchased 8 poster boards from the dollar store for $4. This year I spent $26 on our family tradition!  But it is worth it to start the summer off on a happy, excited note.

Here is one of this year’s epic candy bar posters.

Candy Bar Poster

Anita shares this last day of school tradition with me.  Here is one of the candy bar posters she made for Ollie, who is too young to read, but not too young to want a poster of his own.  I get a kick out of this one!


Does your family have any last day of school traditions?  What are they?

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  1. Jamie D says

    As usual darling idea!! I think I’m going to give this one a try this year. ( but only if Anita sends me PB Fingers:)) Our traditions are sometimes totally crazy .& silly but a few years ago my husband decided that we needed to document what is sure to be the best day of the entire school year, after the first of course- and that’s the last! The sheer joy & excitement in the kids eyes (a little sadness & trepidation too especially as we have kids starting high school, going into middle school, and the last 2 maybe wondering what they will do without their Safety Patrol big sister to protect them;) ) but their smiles are huge, their backpacks are all beat up & some hanging together by duct tape- but end ofymt year photos are totally fun! Catching the afters- you see the brief moment of FREEDOM!!!!

  2. Melanie says

    I think we should give credit where credit is due. Our own amazing and creative mother! When I was in High School I went off sugar my senior year. So my senior candy bar poster was sans candy bars! But somehow, she made it work!

  3. Jane Randall says

    Yeah – Candy Bar posters are especially interesting when made with string cheese and beef jerky . . .

    • Shawna Morrissey says

      How did you make that work? Jerky isn’t a good poster word. Thanks for not being “jerky” or the school bus sure is “jerky.” I guess you could say, I know you really love “beef jerky” which is kind of what Anita did for Ollie. You would definitely have to think outside the box to pull that off. Bravo!

      • Melanie says

        Or how about, “I’m glad your hair isn’t ‘stringy’ anymore.” And, “Since you’ve been off sugar you look less ‘beefy!'”

  4. Janel says

    So my question is what do you do if one of your kids barely made it through the year and their grades were not something that the student or parents were proud of…how do you do one of these poster then? I would love to add this to our family traditions, but am not sure how to manage that with one of my daughters that really did have a rough year.

    • Shawna Morrissey says

      Hello Janel! I just saw your comment. I guess I’ve been a little overwhelmed with my kids all home. I hope I’m not too late! I think it would be even more important to do something fun for your daughter who has had a bad year. The way she feels about herself and the way she thinks you feel about her is more important than her grades and school performance. I’ve had difficult times with my kids and I know it is essential to be positive and let them know we believe in them.

      Maybe you could do something like “I know this year’s been a *rocky road*, but you are a *smartie* and a *starburst* and so I know that next year will bring *snickers* and *almond joy*.

      I hope things get better. I would love to talk to you more. Message me on FB sometime.

      Have a happy summer!

  5. Melanie Randall says

    I had a dream last night that you made me a candy bar poster Shawna. And it wasn’t here when I woke up. Bummer.

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