Art Projects for Kids & a Fun Display Idea

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For years I have had to choose between keeping my kids alive and keeping my yard alive. My neighbor across the street once told me that I had chosen wisely.  My kids are growing like weeds, but then so are my weeds.

Now that my baby is 3 1/2, he is developing some self-sufficiency (though he is still not potty trained, grrr).  And I have eight children who could be really helpful in the yard, and they are usually willing.    So now that school is out, we’ve been working in the yard every day.

Our yard has three terraces.  The top terrace has been weed covered since, well, forever.  The kids and I spent one whole day weeding it and another whole day planting twenty or so bushes to replace the weeds.  Even with consistent sprinkling, the new bushes have become crispy, which I have heard is not a good sign.

My dear friend Kelli, who has a green thumb, offered me some cone shaped devices that attach to the end of two-liter bottles and deliver water directly to the roots of struggling plants. (They are called  Watering Spikes and I highly recommend them. After using them once, my bushes recovered and are thriving.)

photo 4

root watering trick 2

Since we are not soda drinkers, I asked my Facebook friends if they had any bottles for me. My friend Brandi wondered why I wanted the bottles.  And when I told her, she disappointedly responded, “I was hoping you had another fun summer idea!”

Brandi, my friend, this fun summer idea is for you.  I hope you enjoy it!

My kids love to do art projects.  LOVE!  But I hate the messes that ensue.  HATE!  So I try to make one day each week an “Art Day.”  I gather all of the supplies for the kids to complete the project.  And I let them go to town and make a big mess.  And after they are done, we all clean up.  It is like eating dinner as a family and then cleaning up rather than ten people rummaging in the kitchen for snacks and leaving crumbs and dishes everywhere at different times thoughtout the day – not that that ever happens at my house! 😉

There is a website that I just love where I get lots of fantastic ideas for art projects.  It is called Art Projects for Kids.  Kathy Barbro, who authors this site, has lots and lots and lots of ideas posted which she adds to regularly.  And they are easy to browse.  Let’s just say, I don’t even try to think up my own art ideas.  Kathy makes it too easy.

The whole reason I do “Art Day” is in attempt to control the mess.  So it stands to reason that when the projects are done, I don’t want them cluttering the table or counters or floors or anywhere else.  So this week I had and awesome thought.   It was a simple and cheap and clean way to put the art on display for a while.  And here it is:

Art Clothes Line

All you need to make this simple but Pinteresty art hanger is:

Materials For ARt Clothes Line

RopeWooden Clothes Pins and Clear Command Hooks

The command hooks are basically invisible and they hold up the rope firmly so that masterpieces can be on display. And I can’t tell you how excited my kids have been to see their work exhibited like this.

Hand Pattern Art

It is a win win win!

And BTW, the command hooks won’t damage walls in case you aren’t ready to commit to a classy-art-gallery-style house forever.

I hope this is as exciting an idea as you were looking for Brandi!  And BTW, I have an awesome recipe for 2-liter bottle water rockets.  We’ll have to talk….

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