The Coolest Way to Separate Eggs

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The Coolest way to Separate Eggs |

There are so many recipes that call for egg whites or egg yolks separately. And there are a lot of ways to separate eggs. But this is officially the coolest way! Am I the only one who doesn’t particularly relish separating eggs? It’s not that it is actually hard, but it is two parts tedious and one part nerve wracking. There is nothing worse than breaking a yolk over the bowl of your whites and contaminating the whites. In many cases, this dooms your egg whites and you have to start all over. If we can make this job a little more fun, why not?

These are the typical ways to separate eggs.

The coolest way to separate eggs- The old way. Between two shellsPouring the egg back and forth between the egg shells.  This classic is the cleanest way since you don’t use any extra kitchen tools, but it is also the most scary. The sharp edges of the shell are notorious for piercing the yolk.

The Coolest Way to Separate Eggs-The Old Way. Egg separator

Using an egg separator. This works well, but it dirties up one more piece of gear. And it seems to take a lot longer. You have to swirl the egg around to get all of the white to fall through the slots.

The Coolest Way to Separate Eggs- The Old Way. By hand, literally.

Bare handed. The quickest and maybe easiest, but not the cleanest way to do it. You won’t get egg on your face, but you will get it  on your hands. This grosses some people out.

Are you ready for it? Have you waited long enough? Here it is. The Coolest Way to Separate Eggs.

Awesome! Right!?! You need a clean plastic water bottle. You squeeze the bottle slightly and then make light contact with the yolk, next you release the pressure on the bottle and it sucks the yolk up into the bottle and leaves the whites behind. It doesn’t seem like it will work, but it does. And somehow it keeps the yolk intact.

Now, I realize this is maybe not the most efficient or clean or practical way to do it. But I didn’t title the post, “The most clean, efficient or practical way to separate eggs.” It is the “coolest way to separate eggs.” They even have a device that you can buy instead of using an old water bottle. You can buy a  Yolk Out Egg Separator here. That is if you don’t want to ruin the environment one water bottle at a time or you just want another cool gadget to wow your friends and co-workers.

I hope you’ll try this the next time you make a recipe that asks you to separate egg whites and egg yolks, like my recipe for creme brulee or heavenly chocolate mousse. Or  maybe you can just try it for fun. Right now. Let your kids try it too. Call it a science experiment. Call it whatever you want, just try it. It is insanely satisfying. Do it for 15 minutes with your kids like Shawna suggested in her latest post, Fifteen Minutes to Parenting Success. I’m sure your kids will get a kick out of it as well. I’ll even give you money-back guarantee (minus shipping and handling and a restocking fee.)

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