Pineapple Sugar Cookies

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Pineapple Cookies My fabulous neighborhood begged me to teach them to decorate cookies. Ok, I didn’t even require begging because 1. I love those guys 2. I love cookies. So there you go. We were originally going to do it before Valentine’s Day. Which would have been great because Valentine’s Day cookies can be fairly easy. But then the dates didn’t work out and we had to reschedule. I could not think of an easy cookie shape to do. I had cookie block. Then I thought, “Hey we could do the first cookie I ever made!” I thought it would be symbolic. A journey from where I started to where I am today.

Let me tell you the “why did you start to cookie” story. A few years ago my little sister Melanie returned from her Latter-Day Saint Mission to Hawaii. I’m the party planner of the family, so my Mom asked me to make a Hawaiian theme spread to welcome her home. I decided to make some cookies along with the Spam. This was before blogging was so prevalent and accessible. I read some instructions from Martha Stewart and it seemed easy enough. I went to my local kitchen store and bought some pineapple and palm tree cookie cutters and the other necessary specialty ingredients, meringue powder and americolor food colors.

I was jazzed to make amazing cookies. I had zero concept of icing consistency or making different shades and hues. I had 2 icing bags and 1 tip. I didn’t realize that the cookie recipe mattered.

19.5 hours later I had these.

First Cookies I ever made


Everybody was very complimentary. They thought they were so cute. Even now people tell me they don’t look too bad. They are right. They aren’t too bad. But these aren’t what you would expect after 19.5 hours of work. I was so disappointed.  I expected to be able to make cookies like Martha Stewart AND make them in a tidy 1.75 hours. I put all of the supplies in the cupboard and didn’t try again for about 4 years.

One of my favorite things about the classes at Cookie Con was that few of the presenters (who are AMAZING cookie decorators) showed us pictures of the first cookies they decorated. It gave me great hope.  Looking back at these, it makes me feel a sense of accomplishment. Even if my cookies aren’t as fabulous as many other’s, I have still learned a ton and making cookies is now enjoyable.


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  1. Melanie Randall says

    Did we have spam at that party? I remember the cookies (which were cute even if they took 2 days to make), but no spam. Anyway, I’m glad that I got to be part of your journey to Cookie Queendom!

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