“Cute as a Bug” Baby Shower Cookies

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eatthinkbemerry.com This fun and unique baby shower cookie idea emerged after I was invited to a baby shower for a friend in my neighborhood who was having a little girl.  The invitation was so cute! It said:

Contrary to what you might think,

Not every mother loves the color pink.

So while you are shopping for this sweetie pie,

Please consider some other cute dye.

Well, that threw me for a loop. All of my baby shower ideas went out the window. But I have a dragonfly cookie cutter I’ve been meaning to use and this gave me a great opportunity to try it out. It wasn’t even until I finished baking all the cookies that I thought of this “Cute as a Bug” baby shower cookie idea.  

This was my first time really trying to write in anything but plain script. I don’t have a kopykake, so this was all done free hand.  I found the font online and referred to it as I did each letter. It was nerve wracking … so much pressure not to mess it all up! At first, I thought they weren’t turning out that cute. But I just kept going and adding layers and little details as I went.  I ended up loving the color combo and I’m pretty pleased with the results!

You might also notice that the cookies appear burnt. AHA, you have been tricked! I tried out a chocolate sugar cookie recipe from  LilaLoa. They were different tasting, just because I am used to a traditional roll out sugar cookie. But I rather enjoyed the change.  I think I’ll add it into my rotation. The baby shower was great. She didn’t get one stitch of pink and she seems to have anything any new mom could need! (Except you can never, ever be prepared for how many diapers you are going to need.)

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