Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

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Cat in the Hat Cookies
I think it is required of all cookie decorators to make Cat in the Hat cookies early in their cookie career. True to form, here are mine.

My cute neighbor asked me to make these for her grandson. He was giving a report on Dr. Seuss in his class and wanted to share a treat with them. March 2 is Theodore Geisel’s birthday. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! Who doesn’t love his books? We have lots of them at our house. Here is one of my favorite things about Dr. Seuss books …. and this is sort of an admission of guilt.  You know when you are reading your kids a bedtime story and you are really tired and you think that the book will go on and on forever? Well Dr. Seuss books are great because you can just flip 4 pages at a time instead of 1 and nobody will be the wiser because of the structure of their plot development (aka, they are mostly just a lot of nonsense.) Don’t get me wrong, they teach some good messages. But nobody will even notice if you skip the page or maybe just don’t read all the words about mooses drinking goose juice and gooses drinking moose juice or skip the Vug under the rug page.

Speaking of Vugs, I loved “There’s a Wocket in my Pocket” when I was a kid. What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?

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